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  1. Hello to all, Mondeo 130 tdci 2002 My story, I bought my car from a guy in wales via ebay, he told me that he used it daily and had no problems with it and nothing to declare when I asked him if there are any grey areas with the car. Well I parted with my money and set of home to the midlands, the car was almost to fast on acceleration accompanied by quite a lot of valve noise (Cammy if you like) Well soon after the car slowed and the glow-plug light started flashing, also a strange sweet smell from the exhaust but no real smoke issues at this time. When I did get home it would not start the following morning, after fitting a new battery, starter motor, glow-plugs it would run, but the smoke was nothing short of shameful. To point out the car when I parted with my money started first time and ran well. A friend used a top end diagnostic machine that pointed out number 3 cylinder was faulty, I must point out that I also fitted a cam sensor to no avail, We did reprogram the injectors and it was great for about 20 miles, fast and responsive, but then a new problem came! a noise that can only be described as pinking (BADLY) on acceleration and deceleration, then would cut out for no real reason, Very scary. I was so fed up that I just left it sitting on the drive thinking I had been a fool in buying this car. Well after reading all the posts on here I made the decision to buy some reconditioned injectors, the decision was made easy after talking the guys at Carwoods in Coventry, they told me and when I think about it it makes sense, leaking injectors will not hold enough pressure in the rail so under load the engine would cut out, which it did! the pinking was due to uncontrolled fuel delivery. To sum it up My gamble of buying the injectors has paid of and the car ran great even without programming them in! (don't ask I don't know how) but I did get them programmed to be sure. I really hope this post will help someone. Carwoods in Coventry £120. each plus Vat. All the best Ellery
  2. Hello All, Im new to this forum as well as typing, I have just bought a pig in a poke! After robing all the kids money boxes I decided to purchace a TDCI 52 Mondeo 130, after parting with all the pocket money and the kids where smilling with the thought of a decent mode of transport to school for once. However there smiles have turned to the sadest faces you have ever seen, as on the way home the springy heater plug light thing started flashing and the car got slower and the kids went quieter, we are in desperate need of help from anyone that can put smiles back on are faces. The car started 1st turn of the key and went like a rocket when we first got it, but now we cant even get it going. A friend of mine came along with a fancy bit of kit and diagnosed no 3 injector was out of its parameters, put a new one in and programed it to the car and left, I fitted it to no avail still wont start! I dont like putting on my freinds so would like to try and sought it myself. Could the egr valve be anything to do with it? Thanks From Peter aged 4, Paul 8, Jane12, Anne 16, Mum and Dad.
  3. Hello Bill, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble so soon after buying your car, If it makes you feel any better I too have had to lend some money to buy what I thought was going to be a good car...... I bought it in good faith and about 20 miles into my trip home the glow plug light started to flash, loosing power, and a strange smell from the exhaust, ive owned this car for two weeks and have never drove it since getting it home, it just wont start!!!!!! It sounds like its going to but never can get of the starter motor. Im very fed up and hope you get sorted and then maybe you can help me. My car is also a 130tdci 52. Good look Bill Regards Ellery