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  1. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Just tried the reprogramming guide ie turning the key from poibt two to one and back four times. I hear a beep so then I press a button and nothibg happens. Will keep trying and will post if I crack it.
  2. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Me too I wonder if any of these solutions work? Just glad to havr a functional car.
  3. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    This has now been solved. At first my local garage thought it was the battery. It was the final segment of the ignition barral that had warn away. As my battery was now 7 years old I thought best and changed that at the same time. The car now start like a dream. The last bit I have lost is the key beibg coded. In this barral failure my fob key has stopped remote locking. The only way I can see to recode it is taking it to a local Benfield ford at a cost of £180...
  4. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    My thoughts exactly. They look reputable and service taxis. I have uswd them before for a very minor fix.
  5. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    No rac etc. So will have to get a garage to tow it. I think my local garage is is literally walking distance so they should be able to help.
  6. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Trying to bump start in the next hour or two so ill post again with results.
  7. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    The engine lights Turn out after several revs. The cranking it smooth and is not vibrating the engine.
  8. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Thanks for all of the advice. To be checkng spark plugs and fuel lines is a bit beyond my comfort/knowledge zone. I have replaced the battery in the fob key and tried to start it. Same problem. I have also tried the spare key to no avail. I will try to bump start it today and at a last resort get the local garage to tow it away for repair. I just know thia will be costly.
  9. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Battery is old but is charged and all electrics are on. I suspect the spark plugs its like there is not spark in there. Now i did get them changed at kwik fit about a month or two ago during a major service...
  10. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Yes sounds like it just can't get that final revolution to start. No she is holding the key fully on and doesn't let go. Are starter motors alot to repair?
  11. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    OK tried it, with the missus turning the key me in the back listening. I heard a humming noise. the car cranks about 4-6 times and then stops. Then if you try turning the key again it won't crank. So I waited 10 minutes and it cranked again 4-6 times and then stopped.
  12. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Ok will do this shortly. Its a 1.25 Petrol by the way.
  13. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Petrol. There is plenty in it too.
  14. The Dutchess Won't Start!

    Hi My ford fiesta (07) will not start. When I turn the key, electrics come on and the engine is firing to start but it just doesn't get going. About a week ago I noticed my doors were open. The 3 button fob key was not looking, but was starting the car. Over the past week I noticed the start up was taking long until today where it just will not start. Any ideas? The car is well serviced, has not leaks, oil is fine and was changed last month, coolant is fine and clean (No oil in it etc) With Electric will a bump start work? I'm thinking if I can get it going i can get it to a garage.
  15. Ford Fiesta 07 Reg Headlight Bulb Change

    Just cracked it mate. The connector came off and the job was done. It went back on easier than it came off. I Will take a mental note for future vehicles. Many thanks for your help. I know what you mean by fading light, I too was stuck with a torch trying to fix it late at night.