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  1. Focus tdci

    Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply, Ive thought about this, but can you normaly buy a complete car/shell from abreakers yard, as I would have thought they would lose too much money by not breaking it. There are a few breakers yards around here, I will ring around them tomorrow. Thanks, Chris.
  2. Ex driving instructors car

    To be honest mate, I would keep it personally, as the way I see it is It has a new clutch, new front springs (i know the gear linkage is unlikely to go again) To me it just seems you have had some bad luck. I know an ex instructors car will have had the gears crunched, clutch slipped, etc etc but the other way to look at it is its had different drivers hence different driving techniques hence more even wear than a car that has had only one driver with a persistent bad habit - ie: too fast over speed bumps, heavy brakeing etc. By all means try to get the enhanced warranty from the "stealer" though. They would have used the "ex instuctor line" to have knocked the price down for re-sale, why should you have to pay full whack? Let us know how you get on. Chris.
  3. Focus tdci

    Hi everyone, I had a T reg mk1 focus tddi but it was stolen. What was thought to be my car was recovered by the police, but it turned out to be a 52 plate tdci with my panels, bumpers, lights etc to make it look like my mk1 car. The problem is, it will now have to go on a Q plate, I have argued with the DVLA until blue in the face that this is not needed, as there have been no structural changes to the car but the police "specialists" insist the rear axle has been changed as it now has disk brakes on rear! (The whole car is the MK2!) Even the insurance loss adjuster agrees with me (he had to examine the car for me to buy it from them) Due to this mess, I have decided to find a donor car to place the engine in, hence avoiding the Q plate, and to be honest, the car isnt in great nick anyway, but the ci engine is so much more refined and quicker than the di. The proiblem is that even non running MK2 focus are still quite expensive, but I have seen a few mondeo tdi 130's that are quite reasonable. I know that they have the 2.0 tdci, but would my 1.8 tdci fit straight in, bareing in mind that I have the donor car complete with ecu, keys etc. If not, has anyone got any ideas where I can pick up a mk2 focus with engine / slight bodywork damage? Ive scoured Ebay, but theres nothing much there. Sorry for such a long post. Thanks, Chris.
  4. My t reg mk1 tdci!!

    Havent a clue mate, no numbers, no engine cover, no amateur wiring. The header tank is full of pink antifreeze/anticorosent so it looks like a proffessional job. Drives superb, all be-it brakes clunk (siezed) when pulling off as its been left on the beachfront for two years. What i really want to know is will the bumpers, headlights, etc fit off the mk2, without messing about.? cheers chris.
  5. My t reg mk1 tdci!!

    Any more sujestions, ive had the vin numbers stampped, just waiting for the VOSA sva test now, anyone know what this involves? Also, what bhp is my new tdci? is it quickier than my old di? Cant wait to by new parts from motorfactors! No numberplate, changed vin, half 1998 half 2002! He's just going to laugh at me isnt he!
  6. replacing focus mk1 stereo

    Hi mate, you will need to get an adapter plate from local audio/Halfrauds as your stereo is double din (very thick) You can also pick up the leads (autoleads) i think they are called from the same places, well worth the tenner or so as you can make a mess by cutting leads! It wont affect your immobiliser, but your original radio will need the code entered again. Also check in shop if you need the ariel plug addapter (they will know what your talking about) On a personal note, i would get the standard ford cd player, as these plastic adapters dont really look the part. Each to their own tho.
  7. a bit of advice please....................

    Why not take your time, check Ebay/ Autotrader everyday for a few months, get loads of advice off the guru's on here, then when your sure you've got a bargain, take out a private warranty and save loads!
  8. Thing to Look for and Barter against

    "spark plugs put ur ear to engine and over each cylinder very hard but do able check to see if you can hear a spark" Get your ear pressed firmly against the plug lead while someone turns it over. (No dont, i was joking, you will get a nasty shock!!!!!) My dad did this to me with my old xr75, hold the plug lead and kick it over. Once tried, you'll never do it again!. Seriously though, check the oil for milky deposits/ mayonaise/ black not too bad just not kept up to scratch. Check the header tank for oil deposits or extreme bubbles in the coolant, a small hose returning coolant to the tank is normal.
  9. can anyone help?

    Is the squeak engine speed related? ie, in neutral rev the engine, does it affect the noise or is it vehicle speed related? Ok, last edit i promise, make sure its not the timing/cam belt tensioner/ idler as if they sieze or collapse you may as well get a new engine!
  10. can anyone help?

    Best way to tell is to take off auxillary/alternator belt and chack for roughness in all pulleys, except crank unless you are super strong. Ive seen auxillary belts snap taking the timing belts with them. Very expensive! On the subject, does anyone have a file pdf or any that shows the timining marks for the focus tdci 1.8 (and tips if possible) does it have a seperate inj pump belt? Cheers, Chris.
  11. My t reg mk1 tdci!!

    Yeah, i thought that. What i think has happened is that my dads mate either scrapped it or sold it cheap and the purchasers had a stolen 52 plate so got one working car with my legit number plate (or so they thought as i still had the log book) I feel a bit sorry for them really, as i told the police in my statement that maybe they payed for my (t reg) car, although they must have stolen the 52 plate one so sod them! Anywat im not too worried about the resale value, as i would never rip someone off like that. Ive just bought an 03 passat tdi sport as a tidy car, and ive got a Rover 600 td for back and fore work, which id love to replace with the Focus. Does anyone know if i could replace the front/rear bumpers and headlights to make it look like a mk2 (complete vanity reasons) And by the way, ive found today that you cant put a customised (cherished) plate on a Q plate as the whole point of the Q plate is that the vehicles year is unknown.
  12. Just bought a focus - some questions

    If i read this post yesterday i could have picked you up one of those black plastic radio covers from a breakers yard as i needed the plastic surround from around the gearstick, probably wouldnt have charged either!
  13. My t reg mk1 tdci!!

    Thanks for the quick reply Vinny. Looking forward to frequenting the forum. I know theres lots of questions there but im sure some of you will be able to shine some light. Apparently, the police said that Daghanhem said it was physically imposible to put a tdci engine in a tddi? Gods knows why tho? It looks like they thought my car was legit and transfered the mk 2 bits on. Seems like a lot of bother to go to tho? If anyone is from SouthWales/Swansea/Port talbot way, would you mind coming down to take a look. Its outside my dads pub at the mo, so would sort you out ;)
  14. My t reg mk1 tdci!!

    Hi all, this is quite a complicated story so please bear with me. Five years ago i purchased a T reg tddi panther black, which i loved untill one day an injector tip came off and ruined the engine. £700 later and a new engine was in, but a diesel/electro specialist (my dads mate) couldnt get the ECU to recognise the injection pump! It was left in his yard for two years untill he had enough and asked what we wanted to do with it, my dad never got back to him. About a year later, the serious organised crime squad came knocking at my door saying they had recoverd my car from a premises in Swansea! not only this but it was running! I was not allowed to see the car untill forensics had taken a look (which involved taking nearly every panel off the car) They concluded that most of the car was off an 02 plate mk2 stolen from trade center wales, which included the new tdci engine, interior, heated front screen, rear discs (previously drums) alloys and all plastic interior panels dated 01/02! Norwich union accepted a toked jesture of £100 for the parts which i was landed with! Problem is, all the exterior panels are mk1, would they go to this much trouble to change all the body panels and heated front screen and rear discs? Also there are wiring looms dissconnected under the seats that i can only imagine are for heated seats. The dash used to be black but is now silver and a keyfob is taped under the steering column! I have been allocated a new vin n.o to be stamped by a garage, and then it needs to have a sva check by VOSA, then it can go on a Q plate. Do you think its worth me changing the headlights/bumpers to the mk 2's and will i be allowed to put a customised plate on to hide the Q plate? By the way, the engine runs sweet as a nut with no amateur wiring and the mounting nuts are unmarked making me think it is the 02 model! All numbers have been ground off. Cheers, Chris. Forgot to mention, when the ignition is switched on the rev counter/speedo shoot up to max then rest back down (with engine off). I also have a passat tdi 130 sport which is quicker, but this tdci engine is so quiet and refined, you would think its a petrol! Looking forward to getting back into the Ford club!!