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  1. Headrest Dvd Lcd Screen

    Hi Gregg, I had this in my 2008 S max, yes ford wanted £1000 plus, however you can but the screens on their own: just the screens. You need to ask your ford dealer who fitted them as they are all fitted after the car is delivered to the dealership. not at the factory. (now there's a surprise) let me know if you have no luck and i'll see if the firm i used still exists< (you may be too far away ) Good luck.
  2. Daytime Running Lights

    Hi I have a March 2011 S Max and the 'DRLs' lights dim when the headlights are activated. This is entirely as ford intended. During the day these LED strips light brightly. At night (when lights are switched on or the auto sensor activates them) they dim down to normal levels of modern side lights> If they were at full brightness during the night they would dazzle on coming drivers! Like them or hate them, they do work as intended.
  3. Having just changed my 2008 S Max for a 2011 model I have discovered what appears to be a major safety issue. Ask an adult to sit in the middle row outer seats (either will do) and use the seat belts as expected. You will note that the belt crosses the top of the arm and not over the shoulder as normal. the taller you are the worse it gets.( it will start of over your shoulder but the fixing height causes it to slip down! This is entirely due to the newly raised seat height that puts the seat belt fitting to low for the seat! If you have one of the revised models from 2010 on: you need to try this and see for yourself.. Children are OK its the adults that are not! In an accident! adults will almost certainly damage their arms or worse. I have raised with with ford customer relations and also my local main dealer. both inform they have not had any complaints , however my local dealer agrees there is defiantly something wrong! please let me know if you have noticed this as it may well need a total recall to re mount the belt fixing point.