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  1. Boot Seat Conversion

    the dealers have said theres nothing they can do because of my finance and i cant afford to pay out any extra to get another car ..looks like i'll have to wait 2 years till i can get ford to let me swap it for something bigger....ford really know how to do things...Not!! 3 in the car we already deal with but theres no room for 4 kids at the min the only way out of it would be if the boot would take a sideways seat .
  2. Boot Seat Conversion

    cheers people the only problem is noone will touch my finance on the focus and let me upgrade for something bigger which when i got it on ford options i was told it was easy to do...... dont really want to get rid of my shiny new focus cause its the dogs danglies!!! and it means loosing lots of shiny beer tokens which are harder to come by lately.. was offered a trade for a galaxy from my ford garage which would've been ideal then they said they couldn't do the finance soo really im stuck in a !Removed! hole where ive got a really nice car but its too small . :o
  3. Boot Seat Conversion

    with the lay out of the new focus it would have to be inside of the wheel but i see where your coming from mate, cheers for that
  4. Boot Seat Conversion

    only bought my new focus in july we've got 3 kids and just found out theres a fourth on his way..... was wondering if anyone knows if you can get a boot seat conversion for the focus hatchback??? would have to be sideways i know but is there anything out there and is it possible??