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  1. Now I solved it! Thanks for the help fishpond 47! I connected a wire from the fuse box where the radio fuse was connected. Attached one lead to the chassi and measured everything up before assembly. I also put an extra fuse box with a separate 2 Amp mini-fuse for this single assembly. I put two extra 12-volt auxiliary power sockets on the side panel of the gear lever console on the passenger side. Now I can have both the phone charger and GPS permanently connected. Works perfect! The GPS automatically shuts down when it feels that the power is cut by the ignition.
  2. OK! Thanks! I will check that. The problem is that the radio is completely integrated in my -09 model but I should be able to find the lead. The problem is that you have to be a surgeon with womens hands and 15 cm long fingers in order to reach into the minute spaces behind the dash etc ;) I really hope I can solve it because I have already bought 2 extra 12-volt auxiliary sockets and an extra fuse box and everything.
  3. Hello all! As you know the Fiesta does not have a 12 volt socket that is switched off with the ignition. Does anyone know where I can find a 12-volt lead to do this? As you may know there is a std mount for the Garmin GPS so it has to be possible in some way? The reason is that I dont want to drain the battery with the cell phone charger or GPS. I have checked the fuse box behind the glove-box and also behind most interior panels but havent found any lead.