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  1. Fitting A Sub

    you may not even need the pics actually... the grommet is visible from the engine bay just behind the battery to the left a bit. it is about 3" in diameter and sticks out into the engine bay, you can't miss it. the ford mechanic fed the cable through the top section of it and sealed it with silicon to keep it water tight. the cable then popped out in the passenger foot well.
  2. Fitting A Sub

    Broxson - i had my car in for a service this week and asked the mechanic if he could run the cable through the bulkhead for me. He did it FOC as it was a very quick job. i've taken a few pics for you, don't know how to upload them here so if you give me your email address i'll send them over to you. it is for a 2006 tdci, but hoopefully the grommet will be in the same place on yours
  3. Fitting A Sub

    I've read about routing it through the door somehow on fiestas, wondering if there was a way to do that on the mk2 focus. apparently that would be easier than finding the illusive grommet!
  4. Fitting A Sub

    hi - did you figure this out? i'm trying to find out how best to get an amp cable through to the battery in my mk2 focus 2006
  5. Focus 06 - poor radio reception

    For anyone else experiencing a similar problem.... The Alpine -> Ford iso connector apparently did not connect power to the antenna. The solution in my case was to cut the blue 'antenna' cable from the iso block and connect the separate 'remote out' lead from the head unit to this wire instead. Worked a treat as there is now power getting to the aerial. Thanks Matt for your reply, that was going to be the next thing to try...
  6. After replacing the 6000CD with an alpine ida-x100 the radio reception has been very poor, both FM and AM. Does anyone know if the factory fitted aerial is powered by the 6000CD and is therefore boosted? If so how can I get my new headunit to also power the aerial? If not, anyone got any ideas to improve the reception? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the pics Ivor - it is the lx model i have and doesn't have that grill bit near the interior light where the hands free mic would go appreciate your help all the same
  8. Remove door panel

    sierrayankee, thanks for the guide. just what i was after. curious to know what you googled to get that - been searching for a while! thanks also to gaz.
  9. Remove door panel

    thanks gaz, I had found that too but the the mk2 door panels are very different. I just sold my mk1, was simple to do it on that!
  10. Remove door panel

    Has anyone removed the front and rear door panels off a MK2 focus? trying to replace the speakers. I can't see any screws so I assume its all clips but without knowing where the clips are i'm afraid of snapping something! any pics or advise on doing this would be much appreciated
  11. I have 2 new pairs of speakers on order for my 06 Focus to replace the front and rear door speakers. Anyone have any tips on how to remove the door trims? The front doors have electric windows, the rear are manual. Anything else I need to consider? Cheers all
  12. Thanks for the replies and the advise. Mystery solved.
  13. Newbie question - Focus TDCI LX 06 plate MK2 Anyone know what the small vent/sensor thing is which is in the middle of the row of buttons, to the left of the heated rear windscreen button in the centre console? it looks like it could be for a microphone, vent, temp sensor or something. Can't see anything in the manual about it or on the net. I was thinking about putting my handsfree mic behind it when i fit it. anyone know what this thing is or have any suggestions where the best place for the mic would be? alpine suggest putting it low down in the centre console facing up towards the windscreen so i thought this might be a good place. thanks