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  1. Buying Advice

    Hi all, am looking at buying a MK3 mondeo in the next few weeks, and just looking at what is about, I have seen a couple of Zetec S' for sale, both with the 2.5L V6 in, both are 2001/2002 year, both have around 60000miles on them, are they as reliable as a 4 cylinder mondeo, as there are plenty of 1.8/2.0 models with various trim levels around for similar money. I am on a fairly limited budget for buying one but fuel economy is not really a issue as I don't need the car for travelling great distances, as I only cover about 5000miles a year, I fancy something slighty different.
  2. Hi all, will be saving for a new motor soon to replace my W reg 4dr focus, am thinking of going for a Focus ST170, what sort of running costs can i expect from one. are spares more expensive or fairly similar to a std focus. I know from doing a insurance quote it will be a bit more than what i pay now, but i can live with that. many thanks, ken.
  3. Focus Temperature Gauge Issue

    as for your fan cutting in, I have just replaced my thermostat housing, and had it running for ages after but no fan cutting in, mine is the same, and also a few friends with other fords say the same, it must be down to a good cooling system
  4. Exhaust Differences

    Hi all, I have a 2000 4 door 1.8 focus ghia, I am after a sports back box for it but nobody lists one for the saloon, I was just enquiring what differences there are from the hatchback ones, I can only think that the saloon one has a longer tailpipe on it. I also found out that the centre box is in need of replacement, so maybe a one off stainless system might be the best option, any help on the matter would be helpfull, ken.
  5. my car now with some mods

  6. Wheel And Tyre Combinations

    As I have now got my wheels on, I have been told they might not pass a MOT as the front wheels stick outside of the arches, the back ones are level with them, now the tread on the tyres seem to be just level with the arch, I have seen other focus models (mk1) with similar issues, now when I bought the wheels (secondhand) they had been on a MK1 mondeo, as I did a few online checks and the offset should be the same, I do not want to have to buy another set of alloys if possible, any help please would be grateful.
  7. Wheel And Tyre Combinations

    just bought a myself a set of 16" alloys of ebay, with nearly new tyres on, for a very cheap £100, just need to get some wheel nuts now so I can fit them.
  8. Wheel And Tyre Combinations

    Hi, I am soon after getting a set of alloy wheels to fit my car, a 2000 1.8 ghia 4 dr saloon, now I have been on a couple of websites and have seen 2 different size tyre fitments on a 17" rim, one being a 40 profile the other being a 45 profile, now I know that ford use 2 different size wheels, one being a 14" steel wheel and the other being the std 15" alloy, the tyre height between the 2 being slightly different, as my speedo is running 5 mile out at 50mph (or is this normal) should I go for the taller profile tyre?
  9. Brake Disc Life

    had a dial gauge on the front discs earlier today and the passenger side disc is warped, so a new set will be ordered this week, thanks all for the replies.
  10. Brake Disc Life

    Hello there, as a new member to thr group, I have a 2000 focus 1.8 ghia, I have a steering wheel vibration issue, when braking at speed, anything above 40mph the steering wheel vibrates, getting worse the harder I brake, in the records I have the car was fitted with new front discs about 20000 miles ago, I thought discs should last a longer than this, is there anything else that could cause this before I order a set of new discs?
  11. my new car

    my new car, a 1.8 ghia, now looking for a set of alloys and clear indicator lenses first
  12. Hi All

    Hello all, I picked up my car this morning, A 2000 ford focus 1.8 ghia, new to the group but now on my second ford, as I had a 1998 ford fiesta zetec as my first car, only been driving 3 years.
  13. Hello all, I have just purchased a 2000 model 1.8 ghia ford focus, and have noticed that the remote central locking is not working properly, when I press the lock button on the remote the car tries to lock but does not, I have noticed that I cannot hear any sound coming from the drivers door lock, if I lock the car manually it locks all doors, then the alarm can be activated by the remote, and also when I unlock the car with the remote the drivers door stays locked, so I have to unlock manually, thanks.