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  1. Happy Birthday yellowtaxi!

  2. Thanks mate, It's a shame the 2nd hand car market isn't as strong as it was. I understand what your saying about the five doors, I'm half tempted to look at an ST220 just for that reason. As I'm a single fella I don't have to really rely on using the back seats so the 3-door is convienient at the moments. Happy new year mate
  3. Hi Stef, are you a relatively new driver hence your insurance costs at the moment? I think the ST170 is a cat 17 on insurance but i'm surprised your 1.6 is costing so much, stupid question but did you shop around? I was originally with elephant who charged me £724 when i first got the my ST, I was 24 had no points etc and then gradually it came down, although when it came to renewing elephant weren't that good so I went on compared.com and elephant who quoted me £560 to renew was coming up on compared as £420 for the year, I ended up getting my insurance through esure at £380 but defo worth shopping around and not necessarily renewing with your current insurers.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I hear what your saying regarding the insurance, I think anyone who drives a car will know that insurance quotes can be a joke, again with the current climate and jobs being lost the last thin people are going to do is buy a car especially for their kids who could potentially hurt themselves in a sports car. I also have to agree with your comment about the types of car's that are out at the moment, the clio's, the corsa's, even 500cc sports, but the problem with the ST170 is it never got the proper glory it deserved because Ford released the RS at the same time which over shadowed the ST170. Ok, you could go and buy a 1.2 corsa/clio and get relatively good speed from it or even the VXR's and 172 sports but I'd advise anyone to test drive an ST170 before they do, the power, torque, handling is phenominal (may be spelt wrong lol) I'm not saying that because I'm selling mine because I would have another one in a heart beat, but if Ford had given the ST170 a proper announcement to the motoring world then I think things would be slightly different. Thanks for your response though, as BT once said - it's good to chat ha!
  5. Back when I was turning 17 I was looking at XR2's, XR3I's, XR2I'S, GTI's........you name it I wanted one but obviously age and lack of driving experience equalled expensive insurance which cost more than the cars themselves so I have to settle for a 1.0 fiesta until I got a 1.25 Zetec. I now drive an ST170 which I'm in the process of selling (advert added on the selling page today) and I put the ST170 as a modern day XR2, XR3I, XR2I, GTI..........would anyone disagree with that? I only ask because I haven't really had much interest from younger drivers, I may well be answering my own question - age/insurance etc, but I got my ST when I was 23 - I'm now nearly 28 - I would be doing everything in my power to knock 4k/5k up for an ST. The speed is immense, handles like a dream and can pull away from quite alot of top end cars. Random thread but I thought when I bought my ST, that it would be an easy car to sell on....anyone's thoughts are much appreciated.