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  1. Returning Car

    Hi, Im on ford options and my payments are up to date at the moment. If I wanted to return my ford now, would I have to pay anything or aslong as my payments are up to date I wouldnt have to pay anything? Thanks
  2. Aftermarket Stereos??

    The fact i bought the car in 2011 and if its only included in 2011 models, i should be been given a car that was advertised in 2011 and not some model from 2009 with less features.
  3. Aftermarket Stereos??

    He didnt tell me when it was built when i bought it but when i questioned him about there being no aux etc last week it was then he told me dec 2010 which was infact bull, it was 2009 as etis said, when i took the stereo apart all the stickers said 2009 aswell. This is a link to where the website says its standard in the studio, it does not say just in 2011 cars anywhere and i know for a fact it was like that in 2010 as thats why i decided to go for this model as it said it was included. Very misleading and im still not happy about it. http://www.config.ford.co.uk/fordconnection/multimedia/gbr_en/00w/yyh/gbr_en00wyyhintspc.htm
  4. Aftermarket Stereos??

    It didnt work, fits in the stereo ok but the stereo doesnt pick it up. Nothing happened when i press the aux button. Guess this connect2 cable is designed for fiestas that already have aux and maybe the owners broke the original. Does anyone know where the software is installed? E.g in the stereo fascia, cd player box or the lcd screen? Maybe if i bought one from a model that already has aux connection it would work.
  5. Aftermarket Stereos??

    Yeah its a connect2 aux interface attachment with phono plugs on the end. Ive seen the back of a cd unit for the fiesta and it does have the plug socket for the grey connector but whether the system will pick it up and recognise it is another matter. If it doesnt work then ill just have to stick with the fm transmitter for 2 years and when i get a new car make sure it has an aux connection. Will install tomorrow evening and will post an update.
  6. Aftermarket Stereos??

    I bought an aux cable for the fiesta 2008> models, whether it will work or not as cant install till the weekend.
  7. Aftermarket Stereos??

    But if they are advertising the car with aux/steering wheel controls in 2010 when i was looking at buying the car and then sold it without it. Surely thats false advertisement? As they've advertised something that doesnt exist in my car and what im thinking im paying for. I would never of got a studio if i knew this wasnt going to be included as i use aux for sat nav and music, never use cds.
  8. Aftermarket Stereos??

    Well i checked myself, here are the details. Primary Features Build Date: 22.10.2009 Vehicle Line: Fiesta 2008- Body Style: 3 Door Saloon Version: Series 10 Engine: 1.25L Duratec 16V EFI(60PS) - Sigma Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Transaxle - B5/IB5 Drive: RHD FWD Axle Ratio: 4.06 Emission: Stage V Emissions Air Conditioning: Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Colorado Red Interior Fabric: Max / Fairland Says it was built in 2009 and i registered it in january 2011. The guy at ford told me it was built in december 2010, so either that website is talking sh*t or the dealer is but i cant imagine it being built in 2009 and not being sold till 2011. It only had 6 miles on the clock, so that would mean it would of had to be lying somewhere for 2 years. What do you think?
  9. Aftermarket Stereos??

    Hi, Well i went to my ford dealer today as there website said my car should have an aux input and steering wheel controls (ford fiesta studio), there website claimed when i bought the car it had these as standard. Finally got round to going back to my dealer today, they said only fiestas produced in 2011 have this and the studio models produced before 2011 dont. I know this was on there website in 2010 when i was first looking at getting a fiesta. My car was apparently built in december 2010, i purchased it end of january 2011 and because it was built in 2010 i missed out by a month on the extra features of aux input and steering wheel controls. !Removed! off aint the word! haha. Well anyway it doesnt seem like going to be able to fit it aftermarket, got told to go to ford parts on monday but i went there this afternoon and the guy didnt seem to know anything so doubt this is going to happen. My dealer mentioned someone called JY AUTOS who fit bluetooth systems in but thats like £200+ apparently. Is there any aftermarket stereo i can fit in my fiesta as i rely on the aux connection for sat nav and my music, got an fm transmitter but thats dog sh*te! The dashboard is a funny shape so wondering if possible to fit anything else and if its too complicated or not. Any help appreciated :)
  10. Oil Pressure Low Warning

    theres plenty of oil in the engine so not due to there being no oil.
  11. Oil Pressure Low Warning

    Hi, Just drove to work today and while pulling up to park at work a message came up on the computer saying engine oil pressure low, stop safely. Its gone now but could it be anything serious that i should take it back to the dealer? Thanks
  12. Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

    Thats interesting never thought of that, if a software upgrade has improved how a car drives then it shows how much modern cars are relying on computers and not the actual engines. Well i used shell v power on my last fill up and got 330 miles. I filled up on tuesday with normal tesco fuel and can tell the difference without even making any calculations, the tesco fuel is no where near going as far as the shell v power. Will be filling up with shell or bp from now on, whichever im closest to depending on location in the country.
  13. Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

    Yeah i filled it up last night, trying normal fuel to see if any difference from the shell. I know meant to use a couple of tanks of each fuel but i should still be able to notice a bit.
  14. Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

    Well ive not filled up since, got 320 miles so far and the petrol warning light has just come on. So far so good its been a lot better even done quite a few stop start journeys to vets and hospitals. I dont think can really complain, ill probably get 340 miles before it really starts getting empty. Its probably only about 35-40mpg roughly.
  15. Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

    To do the 13 mile trip it probably takes me 20 mins roughly if traffic is quiet which it usually is at the time i go to work. Well off a full tank so far with just over half a tank left ive done 183 miles. I cant really compare this to my normal week though as my nan was in hospital and had to do a few stop start trips. But hopefully if the other half of the tank is the same then ill reach 360-400 without the stop start trips as dont need to go to the hospital now shes out.