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  1. Ford F Super Diagnostic Tool

    Hi Jeebowhite Mine is working fine now, after lots of messing around in device manager. I couldn't get the USB drivers to install correctly using the ones of the disc. If you are using Windows 7 32 or 64 bit, the best way to do it is to go to this website http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm and download the 2.10.00 WHQL Certified executable file. When this has downloaded, right click it and run as administrator. When you plug the Fsuper back in, Windows should look for and install the correct drivers. You can check this by going into in device manager. Look in Ports (COM and LPT), USB Serial Port (COM ?, mine is 7), right click Properties, Driver tab. This should say Driver provider FTDI, driver version The other one is in Univesal Serial Bus Controllers, USB Serial Converter, right click, Properties, Driver tab. This should say Driver provider FTDI, driver version If this is all ok and your USB Serial Port (COM, anywhere from 1-8), then you should be good to go. Also, when i installed Formiddable, i had to disable AVG antivirus and then run the program by right click run as administrator. Hope this helps, and i aven't waffled on too much. cheers thebassman
  2. Ford F Super Diagnostic Tool

    Yes, unless your pc assigns a com port from 1-8, mine installed it as com port 9. I had to go into device manager, right click another item with an assigned com port from 1-8. Change it to a higher free com port. Then go back into my fsuper usb item and then re-assign that to a free com port from 1-8. My new free port was com port 7. I hope this makes sense. Cheers Thebassman
  3. Hi I've been looking on ebay and notice you can get F Super or F Super 2. Is there much difference between them? I have a 2005 tdci. cheers thebassman
  4. Axle Stand Support Points For Noobs

    Hi Stef Thanks I will try that out next time. Cheers Thebassman
  5. Hi A complete noobish question here, I do apologise. I did also try a search, but nothing obvious seemed to come up. I need to get my Mondeo mk3 tdci up on axle stands at the front. Has anyone got any good pics or explanations as to where would be a safe point? I can obviously jack it up on the sill jacking points, but would need to find a secure point to lower onto axle stands. I'm always worried that the stand will end up in the foot well. cheers thebassman
  6. HI It's looking like I will need a fair amount of work done to my Mondeo TDCI 2005. It has the very noisy Aux drive belt/ tensioner/ pulley needing doing. I have also had a clogged starter motor/ noisy clutch combo going on too. The only garage I know of in my area is TC Harrisons, Ford main dealer, but the prices I have been quoted seem very high. The jobs will cost much more than the car is worth. I used to use a very good local guy, but he had to give it up due to back problems. Has anyone got any recommendations to a good local place in the St Neots/ Cambridgeshire area? Thanks in advance thebassman
  7. Dual Mass Flywheel?

    Hi Chris Thanks, I have had the car for about 5 years, but paid £6.5k for it, I guess it doesn't really owe me too much now though. It has been very reliable up until now, and has cover 115k miles. Jeebowhite: thanks, I will call around a few places, but I will try and take the starter off tonight for further investigation. It looks a bit tricky on the access though. Does anyone know of any good tips or guides? cheers thebassman
  8. Dual Mass Flywheel?

    Hi Chris Thanks for your reply, that's much appreciated. I am based in St neots/ Cambs, but unfortunately I haven't got a decent local mechanic, and I'm not really up to doing this work myself. I will have to have a look around and try and find somewhere good. Just for a laugh, I phoned my local Ford main dealer last night. They quoted me approx. £2k. That was for a new clutch kit/ DMF/ bolts/ starter motor, based on 6.6 hours labour @ £102 per hour. It's annoying as the car has just been serviced/ MOT'd/ new front discs & pads/ new rear pads/ new hand brake cables/ new exhaust down pipe and 2 new front tyres. Otherwise I may have just cut my losses. oh yeah, it also needs the Aux drive belt/ pulley/ tensioner repair too. It is gutting as the car is great nick cosmetically. cheers thebassman
  9. Dual Mass Flywheel?

    Thanks Chris just sent you a pm with my reg details. cheers thebassman
  10. Dual Mass Flywheel?

    Thanks, that's a good idea.
  11. Dual Mass Flywheel?

    Hi guys I'm after a bit of advice. My mondeo 2.0 tdci 2005 has been making some weird noises when slowing down through the gears. It makes a sort of rubbing/ squeaking noise when you take your foot off the clutch when slowing down through the gears. Also today the car decided not to start. There is a loud high pitched whirring noise coming from the starter motor when you turn the key. It is not engaging the engine. My first thought after a bit of googling was the clutch/dmf/starter motor problem. When I called ford, they insisted my car does not have a dmf, but has a smf, is this right? I presume ford know what they are talking about. I can just change the starter motor, but wonder if there is an underlying cause elsewhere. Thanks Thebassman
  12. Hi guys I have just changed my pollen filter in my mondeo 2005 tdci130. Been having problems getting the seal back onto the windscreen, is there a knack to this. I did it the Haynes alternate way, without removing the wiper arms. Cheers