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  1. Us Spec Mk1 Front End

    I think you may be a little confused, UK made focus mk1 up untill 2004 then moved onto the mk2 US made focus mk1 untill 2004 then made the MK1.25 see picture. if you look on the american forums they will clarify that. its our UK spec mondeo on the body of our focus. but im just not to sure if the US mk1.25 will fit on a UK mk1 i would quite like that front end especially with the US SAP Package.
  2. Us Spec Mk1 Front End

    its a us spec mk1.25 then still same car as a mk1 just had a face lift
  3. Us Spec Mk1 Front End

    Hi guys i found some pictures of the US spec focus and the front end looks so much more modern. does anyone have any idea if this front end would fit onto a uk spec MK1 if so any idea what the model is called or where to get the parts. Thanks in advance
  4. Almost Finished Building

    So here is a little update on the car. Last night it took me and my Mechanic friend almost 3 hours to fit the 4 - 1 Manifold off ebay. do not buy it had to machine all the holes as they where far to small and was a real struggle getting the manifold down past the engine. here are a few little update pictures - does seem much faster and a little torquier if thats a word haha.
  5. Almost Finished Building

    got it thanks
  6. Bury

    im Blackburn still not that far. would be good to arrange a ford meet.
  7. Almost Finished Building

    wheres the meeting area cant find link ?
  8. Almost Finished Building

    Thanks :D
  9. Almost Finished Building

    we should set something up guys yeh they meet in Preston every Wednessday. on the multistory car park we could set one up for a saturday see if theres any interest
  10. Almost Finished Building

    ive just purchased a Direnza Manifold awaiting it being delivered. Danz is that your Fez on your picture thats stunning. L666 there isnt tint on the lights its just a shadow from how ive taken the picture they are clear Rick i have a K and N pannel filter but took it off for a normal cone filter you think the pannel runs better ? heres some more pics after a good clean this weekend.
  11. Electricity Problem Please Help

    ok so this sounds normal. thanks guys appreciate it
  12. So my 2005 focus mk1 1.6 16v when its idling it sits at 800 revs not even 1000 with this if i have my headlights on it drops even lower then if i put the heated windows on the lights dim and it almost cuts out. i cant find the issue it has had a new battery and new altenator. please any help would be greatly apreciated. Simon
  13. Almost Finished Building

    Part way through the build of my Mk1 Focus 1.6 Zetec. had ford uprated front and rear bumpers - i believe they are genuine factory upgrades please correct me if they are not. full induction kit with engine strut brace. carbon wrapped interior factory over sized spoiler 17 Inch Black alloys with blue pin stripe lowered 10mm tinted rear windows full leather interior angel projector headlights - need to wire up the HALO awaiting delivery of 4 - 1 Direnza Manifold also awaiting delivery of BlueFin chip, MOMO Millenium steering wheel with Sparco snap off kit uprated altenator new clutch return spring as original fired off somwhere !!! thats where im at so far. any further ideas always welcome.