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  1. Focus 1.6 Chic Advice ?

    Got it for £2300 cash private via Autotrader
  2. Breakers yard or try your luck on EBay
  3. Window Regulator Help

    How much cheaper and what's involved with the repair kit? Would think getting one from a scrappy or used/new one from EBay or somewhere else is best bet but like I said I don't know whats involved in the repair kit
  4. Window Regulator Help

    Sounds odd wonder what caused that unless you say it's just cheap but on a 4 year old car? You use it often? Did you change it yourself or get a garage to do it for you ?
  5. Window Regulator Help

    Cheers Yeah I found a tutorial on ehow website to help guide me through taking the door panel off and replacing the regulator! Was better to practice on the car at the scrappy first ha, trial and error and it didnt matter if we broke anything. Cheeky pikee git tho when I went yesterday he quoted me £30 went to pay today he said how much did I quote I said £30 and he said oh we'll I thought you mean just the motor and not the regulator :// pikee weren't going to budge after an argument, he had the part I needed which I had to take off myself and they charge £1 to use the hiviz jacket on site Oh well glad it's all finished now, such a pain in the bum ha doesn't effect the workings off the car but very annoying if you smoke ;) Just hope the new regulator/motor holds up, had to change it twice on my old 306, French electrics
  6. What Mk Is Mine ?

    Thanks :) I think my indicators are in the headlights? Also previous owner installed a pair of ST fog lights apperanlty. They are rounded in a silver casing unlike others I've seen With my last car It was a Corsa C it was 01-03 preface and facelift there after!
  7. Window Regulator Help

    Took three hours overall to get the one off at scrappy and take mine off and replace it :) all working better than it ever did :) fairly simple a few screws and couple of bolts :) And some cut knuckles :)
  8. The Window Plague

    All fitted :) Took 3 hours overall to take the one off at the scrappy then take mine out and replace it :) Fairly simple just got cut knuckles now ha
  9. Window Regulator Help

    Cheers bud I'm off to get the regulator now :)
  10. What Mk Is Mine ?

    2002 on a 52 plate ? What are the difference if any and extras etc? From which years? I'm new to Fords and ain't got a clue they look all the same to me?
  11. The Window Plague

    Yeah so I've heard expect bruised knuckles ?! Any tips advice mate ? Im changing front drivers regulator and motor on a 3 door, located one from a 3 door 2003 model at the scrappy for £25
  12. The Window Plague

  13. Looking to replace the window regulator/motor in my Focus, front drivers side 3 door, 2002 model. I'm off down the scrappy tomorrow to pick up a regulator/motor from a 2003 3door Focus. Will this still fit? Are they the same regardless of year? Also any tips, advice or tutorial on how to replace the regulator would be appreciated or if anyone knows where I can find this out anywhere :)
  14. The Window Plague

    Local car breakers has one from a 2003 model woul that fit or does it have to be same year ?
  15. The Window Plague

    Cheers bud So was that £65 for the regulator or plus fitting? Just wondered if there any tips or stuff to look out for when changing it? I had to change it three times on my first car 306 !Removed! French electrics :/