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  1. HI Guys, Hoping someone out there could give me any clues to what could be our problem. Yesterday I noticed that the rpm dial wasn't working, I was considering pulling in and restarting the engine when it started working. I thought, oh well... Then later that day it did it again, but this time I noticed that the car jerked when I put the car into drive (never noticed that before). Later when starting the car to come home the engine warning light came on. The car is running smoothly with the warning light on. Other than having a service, is there anything else that could be done? Cheers, Laurie
  2. Drop In Mpg

    Ah... well... No, I won't be putting it like that. Just saying that the car is doing what it should.
  3. Drop In Mpg

    Thanks to everyone who posted. Just a quick update: 1. I'll never get the misses to cycle or walk to work. 2. The initial bad mpg info came from my wife and she's been exaggerating the figures onto the negative side. 3. I've monitored the last top-up (£10), and we got 45miles before the Low fuel light came on. I found a mpg calculator on the web which gave a figure of 26.91 mpg, that is good for our car, as the Ford manual gives an urban figure of 27mpg. 4. I think my wife has been driving with the low fuel light on for miles, and when she tops-up the warning light obviously comes back on quicker. So I don't think the mpg is too bad for our 1.6v auto. I think we could get more if there weren't so many short journeys and the wife was a bit more gently on the accelerator with a cold engine. Sounds like it's all her fault :)
  4. Drop In Mpg

    Well, that last post has made me think there maybe something wrong with the car. It's petrol not diesel. Manual says 27mpg urban and we've definitely been near that in the summer months. It's mainly lots of short journeys, the wife uses it to go to work, only 2 !Removed! miles. I keep telling her that's not helping but she only moans about the mpg and isn't interested in what might be causing it. Sign.... So, is it a fact that mpg suffers in winter or not? I'm seriously thinking of getting it checked out. Is there some kind of diagnostics that could be done?
  5. Drop In Mpg

    HI It is really only recently and I've heard about the winter difference in mpg. However I was under the impression that is was only the servere winter weather that makes a difference. I hope I'm wrong because that would mean there's possibly nothing wrong with the car. It's a Fusion 3 and my mpg method isn't very accurate really. I wait for the warning light to come on then top up with exactly(!?) 2 gallons, reset the mileage to zero and wait for the warning light to come on again, then see how many miles it did. If that's the on-board computer, then yes. I don't think our car has an on-board computer, there's no display that tells you how many mpg you're getting. It's an 2005 model. Cheers
  6. Drop In Mpg

    Hi everyone, I've recently noticed that our car is doing lower than normal mpg. Our Ford Fusion 1.6v auto (05 plate) used to gt around 27mpg urban. It's now dropped to around 22-23mpg. At the pump I always put in 8.25ltr (around 2 gallons), so the cost of petrol has nothing to do with it. There's no leaks and the tyres are correct inflation. Hope someone can shed a light on this. Thanks