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  1. Egr Valve????

    Hi guys can anybody please shed any light on my current problem?? Since Christmas at least fifteen times my car has displayed engine malfunction!! Each time suffering loss of power but each time I take it the dealership because the fault isn't present upon inspection it isn't picked up on the diagnostic machine!!! The previous two times I went in over this they removed cleaned and reinstalled the egr sensor/valve and the second time they re-programmed the software but the problem still occurs!! They have not fitted a new egr valve but I think if they did it would cure the problem. Any ideas would be appreciated
  2. Rattling Seats!!!

    Unfortunately I've checked all options, seatbelts, securing bolts etc.. It definately is coming from the seat itself just one of those things I guess!!! Thanks for the replies though folks :-)
  3. Loose Wing Mirror

    The indicator lens within the wing mirror housing needs to be pressed towards the front of the vehicle this will create a small gap around the black cover gently insert small flat headed screwdriver and squeeze the black cover whilst also pulling away use screwdriver as a lever should just pop off
  4. Rattling Seats!!!

    Checked all bolts on the Seat frames they are all tight and secure!! It definately is from the upper part of the seat were your back rests on maybe I could take seat out again an try to see if anything is loose on that part!!?? Because they are fold flat there are multiple moving parts and hinges
  5. Rattling Seats!!!

    Hi all!! Has anybody had or still got problems with the second row seats??? My n/s 2nd row seat was making a rattle/judder noise whilst going over drain covers potholes etc. This was remedied in my case by jamming my spare wheel(£130!!!!) between the 3rd row seats!! These things are sent to try us!!! Any replies on how to cure the problem properly would be grateful!
  6. Poor Fuel Consumption

    Dude I use my 2.0 tdci titanium s-max as a taxi and I still get 43mpg!! Sumthin is deffo wrong!!
  7. Water Ingress Problem Solver

    Hi guys this is my first post!!! Read a lot about people having problems with alarm modules and tailgate microswitch!? I have had repeated problems with my tailgate opening on it's own and each time it has happened it has been a few hours or the day after I have had the car washed by hand by guys using a pressure washer!!!! I now tell my local car wash to avoid spraying directly under n/s wheel arch and rear number plate lights since doing this I've had no further problems!!!!