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  1. New Stereo

    yep know all about the steering wheel adaptors. did one on fiesta. another box to find home for under dash!. no sat nav on new car but does have everything else. luckily have mate in trade but he has never supplied a cleansweep hence original post.
  2. New Stereo

    hmm great but not alpine type R great. i can get a celsus facia to fit aftermarket din unit but its all black and original; has silver down sides so the compromise will be looks versus sound. theres always a compromise with modern cars!!
  3. New Stereo

    hi guys picking up a 2011 titanium 1.6 tdci that has sony head unit with 9 speakers. has anyone tried a cleansweep? if so any good as really want to keep head unit for original look etc.
  4. Please Help

    prob need to check fuse first then take to garage unless you want to get your hands dirty. if radiator gets hot then not thermostat as this starts/stops water to radiator, could be temp sensor on radiator can test this by unplugging and bridging contacts or mybe a dead fan. not to up KA as never had one but these are first steps with all cars i've had
  5. Please Help

    dont know about bleeding on those but to see if fans is working just idle car stationary until hot, fan will kick in eventually if working. keep eye on temp gauge if goes near red turn off engine. do not fill up with cold water when really hot not good can possibly crack something
  6. Fiesta Econetic Fuel Consumption

    my non eco 1.4 tdci 28,000 miles is getting a smidge under 55 mpg around town on 20-30 min journey. wasn't though until i put Forte advanced cleaner through it. i and my dad (has a s max 2.0 tdci) notice diesels juicy when cold and on hills. has been coldest winter for ages so that could have a part to play. only real way to tell is take in a flat ish run keeping in rev range of max torque mine in 1750 ish as see what you get on the instant mpg read out once warmed up. i'd lay money on it being better then you getting and ford quoted are on rollers so dont simulate real world driving. don't know how many miles you done but tight engines may not loosen up till 10,000 plus miles especially diesels. Audi's used to have this problem
  7. Headunit Wiring

    hi guys i always said i would never buy a car that had a inbuilt info centre of head unit as they are a pain but the 20 quid a year road tax and loads of miles to the gallon seemed more important so out with the alpine headunit and am going to put amp etc in my 09 1.4 tdci with existing unit. does anyone know? 1 where to take a switched positive from for amp switching 2 what colour relevant speaker wires are for front left etc sp i can take either high level inputs or convert to rca cheers
  8. Fuel Consumption

    getting 54.5 around town with mine after putting some Forte advanced cleaner through it
  9. Dpf

    on my list to do tomorrow if no one knows cheers though
  10. Dpf

    does anyone know if the 2009 1.4 tdci actually has a dpf , have looked online everywhere and can't find for certain
  11. Hmmmmmm

    cheers mate, hoped that might be the case, funnily enough just have filled with shell v power, 1.41 a litre but not so bad when its showing 55 mpg round town at mo
  12. Hmmmmmm

    just picked up my 1.4 tdci 2009 wa hey but seems to have an intermittent misfire around 2500 revs am thinking could just be dirty injectors but was wondering does the dpf cause a miss if dirty. started to give it a bootful and seems better maybe any ideas guys
  13. Spare Wheel Hole

    ah cool cheers mate there is a cheap alloy on ebay at mo so will grab
  14. My 1St Main Service Nightmare Today . . .

    speak to premier wheels in coulsdon about you wheels mate they can straighten bent alloys or will certainly tell if they can't be dealt with, may not even need a refurbish just a go on a wheel press, they sorted out something for me recently and they are sooooo helpful, they actually seem to want to help which makes a change these days. think about 50 a wheel for repair dependeing on what need s doing www.premierwheelrepairs.com
  15. Spare Wheel Hole

    hi guys wonder if you can help due to pick up my first fiesta (09 1.4 tdci zetec) at weekend and need to get spare wheel as only inflator kit of which not a fan. is there room for a full size alloy etc or only a spacesaver skinny number cheers robbie