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  1. Hi, - have the a 2002 focus and the key is the same. The owners manual says the alarm only sounds when the glass is broken or a door is forced open. Don't know if that is a general description or if it applies to some models. Xev
  2. Brake Oil Loss

    I will definitely go back with the car. I was gonna ask a friend to do it for me but don't think I could put him through it. Plus the fact that he's over 6ft won't help. Thanks
  3. Brake Oil Loss

    The mechanic checked the clutch he said it was ok. Will have to take the car back for another check. Thanks
  4. Brake Oil Loss

    hi , I'm here again with the same problem oil loss, It isnt very noticeable that there is a loss. but I also noticed recently that there is some fluid under the pedals. First i thought it was water. But it dropped on my shoe today and as i wiped it off with my fingers it felt oily. so any ideas folks on this new development.
  5. Park Assist

    Hi, An Acquaintance told me his father in-lAw just got his new mobility car which can park itself. Now excuse my ignorance but as All my cars have been older cars I've never heard of this park assist. What does it actually do. Zev
  6. Brake Oil Loss

    Yeah A friend suggested condensation for the fluid loss. Come to think of it I had new pads last year I was told they were quite bad. perhaps the mechanic didn't top the fluid back up. Thanks Zev
  7. Brake Oil Loss

    Hi, A couple of months ago my friend did a mini service on my car ie checking fluid and general condition. now a weeks Ago I mentioned to my friend that I had noticed fluid on my drive when pArked over night. He couldn't find where it was coming from noticed the brAke fluid was at minimum looked under the car and could see a line of oil from the front to the bend at the rear took it into the garage and he said to come back on a dry day. I've been wAtching the fluid levels and all seems fine. anyone any ideas. Zev
  8. Fan Switch

    i shall try that ariscot9 bacause it was set to demist windscreen. Thanks fingers crossed zev
  9. Fan Switch

    Hi, I noticed last week that my fan turns itself on when I use the heaters. My friend said it was probably the fan switch. So he fitted me A new one but its still happening. Any ideas. Zev
  10. Running On Empty

    Hi . I have a 2002 1.6l. My car is a little old so I dont have a digital readout just a fuel gauge. So when my low fuel light comes on how many miles can i get before the fuel has ran out. xev
  11. Water Drip

    The water puddle is clear with No apparent colour. A friend suggesTed condensation. Xev
  12. Water Drip

    sorry i'm useless with cars .what exactly does that mean ? xev
  13. Water Drip

    hi all, can you help, i have a 2002 1.6l .Last couple weeks have noticed i have a small pool of water on the drivway on the drivers side. I've watching my fluid levels and its been fine, lost alittle over months but nothing much. Is it likely to be the AC which I havn't used for months ,just read in the Haynes book it should be used for at least 30 mins a month which i didnt know .Or the pollen filter which i'm not sure ive even got. The patch of fluid dosen't appear to have oli in it as it drys away if it dosen't rain.I've also noticed a slight drip of water in the car near the foot pedals, Any ideas xev