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  1. Mountune For Mk7 Tdci

    That sounds good to me :D just the small problem of finding £200 now <_<
  2. Mountune For Mk7 Tdci

    RIght iv seriously been looking into get my car remapped now but the same pros and cons keep popping up. Besides the greater torque, bhp ect.. iv seen a few people say that some of the engine components such as the gear box wont be able to handle the increase as there only set to manage what the car currently puts out <_< Has anyone actually had their diesel done and does it cause the car to blow up into a million little bits because its too much (slight exaggeration i know)
  3. Mountune For Mk7 Tdci

    well you've just saved me from wasting £250! i knew this forum would pay for its self :D
  4. Chrome Tailgate Piece

    From what i was reading on here and judging by the response i got when i asked the question plasti dip can be used on almost any panel. In regards to individual parts people on you tube just seem to mask areas off and spray from there. Hope this helps matey
  5. Mountune For Mk7 Tdci

    Im going to ask a rather stupid question (so im ready for stupid answers ) iv looked on google for this RS tuning place and it leads me to the link below. IV been through all of the options and it only goes up to a mk6 fiesta. so is the box in the link before the correct one for a mk7 tdci? and has anyone got any figures on the gains? http://www.rstuning.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=131&products_id=226 cheers
  6. Ford Fair 2012 Picture & Video Topic

    where do i sign up :D :D :D not been to a car show for years :( oh how i miss donny i really want my rear lights tinted like the fiesta with the bbs wheels, does any one know if there sprayed or tinted with a film ?
  7. i saw this thread which brought back some bad memories :( i hit a pot hole which buckled my wheel and tracking which over time got worse, to cut a long story short this was the end result. Pretty scary!!!
  8. Matt Black Wheels

    i dont mind starting a new trend off haha iv got another idea up my sleeve but i'll have to wait and see if its possible first ;) Like i said earlier im just glad people like it
  9. Plasti Dip, Is It Any Good?

    I'll look into those Climair ones then, do they go for the same sort of money?
  10. Plasti Dip, Is It Any Good?

    well it appears to be a no brainer then :P the fact it can be easily removed and changed just sounded too good to be true
  11. Matt Black Wheels

    Im lucky enough that my dad has a spray booth at work so we got them done on his dinner break. They were sprayed using a gun but im sure if you used a can it wouldnt be much different. As with anything it'll only be as good as the preparation ;)
  12. Matt Black Wheels

    yea that last picture doesnt really do it justice, once we get a few days of summer i'll try and get some better pictures
  13. Snow Foam

    no doubt there'll be a degree of experimenting before i find my feet with it
  14. Matt Black Wheels

    sorry mate! haha. When i said i was getting them matte black people turned their noses up saying it wouldnt look right, they would just look dirty! Im glad its proving a hit on here :)
  15. Plasti Dip, Is It Any Good?

    i know its probably been tried and tested but i wasnt sure if the clip in ones would stand the test of time. Anyway Iv now added them to my pay day wish list along with a snow foam lancer :)