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  1. Ka Battery Light

    Hi All I have a 05plate KA. This time last year I had the fault with the battery light coming on and off during a journey, with out any issues, then I started to suffer from electrical power loss, after a week or two of running with this issue. So I replaced the alternator and the issue went, until last week. when it returned with the same symptoms and last year. Which I put it down to a possible weather related fault? I also noticed that the lights pulsate randomly. I connected a multimeter to the cigarette lighter, to monitor the charging whilst driving and to see if I could find a pattern to the light coming on. I was getting between 13.9 and 14.8 volts. I don't feel that it is the alternator, but heard that it could be this smart charge. I have checked out the wiring and all looks fine and secure and cleaned the terminals on the plug and socket on the alternator. I don't want to replace the alternator again for this issue to comeback again at a later date, as it did this time. I am after information on a possible causes and information on this smart charge I keep hearing about.