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  1. AAAAnnnnddd ... it's been filled in. Will persevere though as I have photos and these are in the public domain now so no excuse - it was in place when I ripped holes in both my tyres. Just awaiting the Freedom of Information act response before my next step. Cheers
  2. Oh, by the way. This is the pothole. Evil blighter. Slope on the way in, edge on the way out.
  3. Impressive. If I can show a 'before' and an 'after' people will see just how effective. The 'before' and ... the 'after' Just straightforward groundnut oil, in a glass, and a cloth. Rubbed into the plastic and the white just ... disappeared. Thanks.
  4. My wife's Fiesta has black plastic mounts for the door mirrors that are turning white as time goes on. The car is black, the plastic should also be black. How can I restore the black plastic to its former glory? Thanks
  5. That depends on their strategy for repair. The pothole clearly has been repaired in the past (judging by the photos) so they will have a difficult job proving they didn't know about it.
  6. Thanks, chaps. Despite the rain I have photos. (nothing else to do when waiting for the first tyre to be replaced - ). I have registered it on Surrey's web site (with photo) and on Pothole.co.uk. I have also raised an FoI request on Surrey CC to see what their policies etc. are relating to inspections and repair strategies. So we're on our way. As I said, I'll keep you all informed.
  7. Thanks for that. I'll get going. I'll keep you guys posted. Savcom
  8. We were unlucky enough to catch our left wheels in a pothole just south of Smallfield, in Surrey on Saturday afternoon, with the result that both the left hand tyres let go. Ever tried to repair two punctures at the same time? Yes, it's difficult. Luckily a local Kwikfit was still open and had two tyres in stock, so, with the help of my daughter ferrying tyres back and forth we were able to repair one and then the other. (the splits, by the way, would not have been repairable without the spare) By the way - don't rely on the AA for recovery if this happens to you - they say it's an 'accident' not a 'breakdown' so Relay does not apply. Hope you don't get affected!! The only good thing to come from that is that we now have decent new Continentals on the front. Safe Driving Savcom
  9. Thanks for the responses. So the consensus on the two forums I posted on seems to be: Avoid Varifocals unless you can get along with them safely Wear prescription sunglasses (with polaroid lenses) for choice on bright days Don't wear sunglasses at night Prisms are not for reducing glare from headlights Don't bother with clip-ons or driving glasses Unless I've mis-read something. So that's the way I'll go then. I'll let you know Cheers
  10. Having just finished two longish weekend jaunts (600 mile and 400 mile round trips each) I'm wanting to know what's the best cure for eye fatigue (apart from closing them and putting a cucumber slice on each). I seem to get tired achy eyes when looking at sunlight reflecting off windscreens, white skies reflecting off wet roads, low level sun, etc. Even at night, there is strain due to the contrast of light and dark as you drive. I wear photochromic varifocal glasses normally so would need 'prescription' anything to drive in. The photochromics work wonderfully outside, but don't react in the car at all. My main options seem to be: Normal Polaroid prescription Sunglasses Clip-on sunglasses Prescription Driving Glasses and in the three cases, what brands have people tried? what is their efficacy? are the different tints (brown/grey/orange) worthy of consideration? Thanks fellas Savcom
  11. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    One further question: Whose Gingerbread did you apply to your Desire? There were changes to the Bluetooth stack (the software that handles the Bluetooth protocols) in Gingerbread that caused problems across Android. Also - what software are you using on the Desire to handle the in-car configuration? Just a thought Savcom
  12. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Aye, that does the calculation but there are better options: Try an app for your smartphone (iPhone and Android apps available for free) Try logging your costs on spritmonitor and include your MPG in your .sig Both options will track your driving costs and consumption over time. Frightening! :o SWMBO's Titanium is averaging ~35mpg at the moment but we've not had it long. My 11 year old BMW 530D did an average of ~40mpg over the whole of 2010 which for what I was doing is pretty damn impressive for the size/weight of car. It does ~33mpg around town. I'll be tracking that on my BMW forum though :P Savcom
  13. Fiesta Stereo

    If you're looking at the aftermarket route, look on the Connects2 web site. They have both fascia kits and the leads to integrate the aftermarket radio with the cars electrics. With the right kit and radio it should be no more than plug and pray - er, I mean pay, no, sorry, play. :lol: Seriously, this seems to be the best I can find - and you can go the double-din route too. Savcom
  14. Have I Lost My Warranty ?

    We had our 10 month old Titanium delivered with 15K on the clock and no service. I had the dealer do the service as part of the sale to ensure we could inherit the warranty. We have. Savcom
  15. Audio And Bluetooth Firmware Updates

    Ok - before we veer off onto the 'this phone works/that phone doesn't' debate, can we fall back to my original question? We've found that ETIS is no good for this for earlier cars. We've found out that the best guess so far is a Dealer with a laptop. Is that it? Does anyone know if we can tap into any OBD port and find out from there? Tempted to try 'browsing' the Bluetooth from my laptop to see what is offered from the car. We'll see if the weather holds long enough to try.... (some chance of that methinks )