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  1. Sorry meant to say my mpg on the digital doesn't change the rev counter just seems to be very lively
  2. I have a 2004 ford mondeo lx I have tried everything and I'm baffled,I turn the key and it stalls but starts always on 2 nd turn of key ,the I get erratic rev counter where she will rev quite wildly,plus my mph never seems to go up or down can someone shed some light on the problem Many thanks
  3. Battery Light

    Batten has been checked and charging properly but thanks for advice
  4. Battery Light

    This is driving me mad,I am having problems with my mondeo mk 3,I get to 2000 revs or there a bouts then the battery light flicks on and all the revs drop off and the car labours.this only happens when pulling away plus sometimes have trouble starting car.please any help or advice please
  5. mondeo

    hi, i have a problem with my lights flickering on my mondeo they are ok when on main beam and im moving but when i stop or put side lights on my front and rear lights start flickering fast, i first thought it might be an earthing problem but checked all and all ok as far as i can see,if anyone can shed some light on my problem would be great
  6. stereo

    im thinking of putting a sub box in my boot i have a mondeo and my stereo is the ford 5000 cd changer.can any one tell me if my ford stereo has a port for an rca lead.and can anyone tell me where i would find my stereo code as i cant find it many thanx
  7. big problems

    hi everybody,can someone please shed some light on my big problem.i recently bought a mondeo 2.0 auto 1999 on a x plate,the problem is my rev counter is very erratic and when it gets to 4000 revs it wont go no further and the engine starts jumping around,then i lose power.i have overdrive and sport mode i try both of them with no luck.then when the engine gets warm it seems to sort it self out for a while then it comes back again.i have just had a new coil pack,ht leads,new spark plugs,and a new temp sensor put on and it dosent seem to have cured it .im at a complete loss now so i hope someone out there can help a desperate man ,ty look forward to some advice