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  1. brake master cylinder

    ive just been looking at the paper work, it may be nothing but theyve got my car down as a 1.6 focus, even though its a 1.8, they couldn't have used the wrong parts could they??? i guess the brake pads etc would be different sizes so theyw would have noticed. is there any way to check if its the master cyllinder
  2. brake master cylinder

    i had the problem before, but now its a lot worse. its the reason i took it for their free brake check that they offered, i gave them a ranf before and they said to take it back if it still occurs after a week
  3. brake master cylinder

    it should all have been done, had it done in kwik fit to day, the guy there said they would change the fluid aswell
  4. brake master cylinder

    does anyone knoe how much a new brake master costs including fitting for a ford focus 1.8 1998, ive just spent £330 having pads discs, rear cylinders and a tyre replaced but the brake paddle is traveling quite close to the floor before the brakes kick in, i know i need to leave the brakes to bed in but my instincts tell me i need a new master cylinder
  5. Oil in spark plug

    hopefully it is the gasket, i had an old mondeo with oil on the spark plugs, i had to replace the entire engine as there was a crack in one of the cylinders caused by a b roken bit of spark plug.
  6. take it back and have your problems fixed under the warantee
  7. DTC-9202 Fuel Sender Open Please Help

    ok, is there an easy fix
  8. Focus starting problems

    use the dash trick (top thread in the forum) and check for any error codes, when you buy a car its always a good idea to service it and replace the sparkplugs etc, i also have the problem of hig revs when the clutch is pressed, replacing the spark plugs and using injector cleaner has improved it alot but it still occasionaly happens, a poster on here reconds its a valve sticking so im going to do an oil change and add an oil adative to see what effect it has
  9. DTC-9202 Fuel Sender Open Please Help

    just changed the air filter and sarkplugs as reccomended by the haynes manual and on the 5min drive from my dads house to mine it seemed to be running a lot better, idles at 750rm as it should and the revs havnt hanged yet, ill see how things are on my way to work later, knowing my look the problem will happen again
  10. DTC-9202 Fuel Sender Open Please Help

    which fault finder do you reccomend, can they all erase codes??? dont want to buy one of its not the correct one i need. thanks for the help. is the high idle i sometimes get likely to be the throttle positioning sensor, i was driving to day and it was idling at 2000 revs for a bit when the clutch was down,
  11. Ive checked for dtc codes on my mk1 focus using the dash trick and it shows - 9202, looking on google this means fuel sender open, does this mean im going to go through a lot of petrol and need to get this fixed quickly, or can it wait till after christmas. could it be the cold affecting the sensor, i checked for codes a couple of months ago and there wernt any. lately the revs have also been hanging, with the clutch pressed down the car revs at 1500 for a bit then drops back down to normal, if i get the sender replaced will this solve the problem. anyone know how much it will cost or should i do it my self
  12. FOCUS 1.8LX 2004

    do a hpi check, itll give you a lot of info and the recorded milleages at mot etc and whether its been scrapped etc, had some problems with mine and had a millegae investigation undertaken to make sure everything is ok on the milleage side, on the mk1 focus you could do a guage test, not sure if you can on newer models, hold the rest button down and turn the ignition on, hold tghe button in for a few secconds then press it a few times untill the guages sweep/
  13. just got a focus

    how old are you, if you wanted to drive the car straight away you could get temp insurance, about £30 for a couple of days and you need to be over 21, they email you the certficate so u can get tax,
  14. adding remote locking

    ive got a 1.8 mk1 focus 98, it doesnt have remote locking, is it possible to add it, is it difficult, is there a guide on the net???
  15. MPG What do you guys get

    do you have a trip computer or are you working it out yourself, dont think that figures realistic,.