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  1. Worn Suspension

    Any particular brand setup that you would recomend?
  2. Worn Suspension

    Not sure how much this will affect my insurance though as I am on a multicar policy which works well on unmodified cars
  3. Worn Suspension

  4. Worn Suspension

    Thanks I have done this test and it doesn't seem too bad but i'm sure i read somewhere that with Mcperson struts this test isn't as good as the struts can be worn but not show when doing this bounce test. I don't think they are knackered but not giving the sporty feel they once did. Unless it is something else that is worn and not suspension itself? It's a difficult one as I don't want to spend more money on something that doesn't need replacing but at the same time would like to improve the ride/handling of what is a great little car.
  5. Worn Suspension

    Hi I have a Puma which i purchased last November, it's a 2000 model with very low miles 28,000. I have replaced both the upper top mounts and the front wishbones but I think the suspension may also need changing. It's passed the MOT but my question is will a 10 year old car that has low miles still suffer from worn suspension? When I brake it does feel like it dips quite a bit at the front and on the motorway to me feels like it bobs about a bit. If it is worn would I need to change both the struts and springs or just struts? I don't want to keep spending money on the car but if this will sort out the ride it will be worth it as in most ways the car is in nice condition.