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  1. New C-Max

    Some pictures. I figure it will look a strange to you all with the small American plates on it as your big plates look to me. Are the two lights on the hatch fog lights? They just seem kind of randomly placed and we don't have rear fog lights here. LED lights under the headlights are pretty cool, i just wish it had fog lights and the navigation radio
  2. Strange insurance claim verdict

    I know you all have way stricter insurance over there, but I've got a similar situation to Micro - hit a deer, did over $9,000 damage to our Escape Titanium. Those HID headlights are EXPENSIVE, both of them had to be replaced and they run about $1250 each. It was listed as not as fault, but the insurance company still raised the 6 month rate by $500 due to the incident. They told me that I shouldn't have hit the deer, I offered to drive into the ditch or oncoming traffic next time so they wouldn't have to pay for the next deer hit and asked if they would rather pay for the head on collision with another vehicle... They refused to back down, I found another insurance company. Insurance companies are bizarre places that are just out to take their customers money as quickly as possible is all I managed to learn from the experience.
  3. Is this a red light camera?

    In Chicago the dang things actually flash like a traditional camera so you know you're screwed. They're obviously digital cameras because you get an email the following day with a video of whatever you did so you can't argue that the light was yellow when you went into the intersection, the flash is just a nice artistic touch. One flash for every car that runs the light. The most I've seen at once was 3. It was a very bad neighborhood, the 4700 block of South Western Avenue, someone had just been shot in the face there two weeks earlier while waiting at a stop light. Not sure what was going on, but we left as quickly as possible. Chicago is an...interesting place :)
  4. Wobble under acceleration

    Try mashing the gas pedal down, see if the wobbling goes away when it downshifts. If the answer is "yes" then you've got bad spark plugs, which I would expect on a 10 year old car. Just replace them, and the problem should go away. No one ever thinks of the spark plugs anymore since they last so long these days.
  5. Topping off fuel

    I did this shortly after we got our 2013 Escape/Kuga - Don't ever fill the tank up completely (until the nozzle clicks off) and then slowly put in more until it really can't hold any more. You might get another gallon in the car, but there's a vacuum hose at the top of the filler neck that runs to the Evap canister, and filling it COMPLETELY will cause fuel to get sucked into the emissions system, causing all kinds of issues. Lucky for me it was covered under warranty, but still something to be aware of.
  6. Fuel Filler Cap

    It's just like a regular fuel filler neck except there's a flap that you push open with the fuel nozzle, anything you spill runs back out just like on a regular vehicle. I believe there's an anti-siphon device in the fuel neck that prevents siphoning, not 100 % sure on that though.
  7. What Tyres

    Michelin LTX was significantly cheaper than the original Continentals, every tire dealer I checked agreed that they were not only cheaper, but lasted longer and had better traction as well. I've really liked the Michelins, haven't had a chance to try them in snow yet but I've been told they work better there was well. The original Continental was only rated for 40,000 miles and the Michelin LTX is either rated for 50K or 60K miles, not totally sure which one anymore. I have tried them in muddy, rutted roads, worked fine, no slipping at all. This is for the 235/45R19 size.
  8. Passenger airbag

    The US version of the car turns the airbag off automatically unless there is at least 85 pounds of "something" in the passenger seat. Between 20 and 84 pounds, it will also illuminate a light in front of the gearshift that says "Passenger airbag off" Not sure if the European Kuga is the same way, but I would expect similar behavior - you can test it by putting something fairly heavy in the passenger seat (under 85 pounds) and see if the Passenger airbag off light illuminates or not, be sure the engine is running. It takes about 60 seconds for the car to decide what to do with the airbag, so wait 2-3 minutes after you put the bag there.
  9. We're a bit luckier here - lots of Ford dealers. Some of them are definitely better than others. The one I just got my C-Max at had me in and out in under 2 hours, including the test drive, and the only extra they tried to sell was the extended warranty, but when we got our Escape (Kuga) at another Ford dealer in the area, it took almost 6 hours while they tried to sell rust proofing, extended warranties, leather warranties, accessories, and some things that I can't even remember now. In both cases we set an appointment up first - it does seem to work better that way. The worst Ford dealer experience - I was trading a 2003 Ranger for a 2011 F-150 (At the time, brand new). The terrible dealer offered something like $6,000 less than book value for the excellent condition trade-in. I started laughing so hard I couldn't see straight as soon as I got out of the showroom. They sent me a letter two weeks later asking if they had offended me... I never replied or went back to that dealer. We had another one do a transmission flush on our 2006 Focus, and as soon as we got the car back the check engine light came on because a vacuum hose had burst under the intake manifold (within hours of the transmission flush). They swore it wasn't their fault and it was like that when we brought it in and offered to fix it for $700. We paid the $700 to fix it, because we needed the car, but paid it to a different dealership.
  10. New C-Max

    I just replaced our 4x4 Ford Expedition with a 2017 C-Max. It's something like 25% of the size of the original car, but the MPGs are just awesome. American C-Max's are only available as hybrids, with a 105 KW 2 liter Atkinson-cycle combined with a 35 KW electric motor. How well does the C-Max do in snow? Yes, I know it's not the same car, the hybrid is probably quite a bit heavier but tires and ground clearance should be the same.
  11. It will get worse as the weather cools off. The cooler air is denser and harder to push through, lubricant in the axles and drive train is also stiff until you've driven for a bit. Heat being on should not have a noticeable effect on MPGs, its not like air conditioning.
  12. Hello Any Kuga Owners On This Forum Still ?

    If I'm driving moderately, 28 MPG for the 2.0 (Remember these are US gallons). Normal driving is 25 MPG, and if I really have fun it gets down to about 22 MPG. I managed to hit 47 MPG once by setting the cruise at 45 MPH for 45 miles. This was going through Chicago in the middle of the night when there was no traffic and the speed limit actually was 45 MPH for 45 miles. I have the 2.0 Ecoboost 28 US MPG = 33 MPG 25 US MPG = 30 MPG 47 US MPG = 56 MPG
  13. Handles Snow Very Well

    I just remembere this thread while looking through some old photos - here's a few more pictures from that Escape in snow ​ This was after taking it down a road with snow high enough to blow over the hood as we drove along ​ This is one of the dirt roads that I liked to drive on, as you can see it is plowed but really sloppy ​ This road just got BAD after this point. It says "Minimum maintenance road. Travel at your own risk" on the sign. It got really, really muddy. There was mud on top of the car after driving on this road, it was like driving in soup.
  14. Adding Park Assist After Purchase

    Are you talking about the active park assist - parallel parking feature? no, you can't add that later, not without a lot of work. If you're just wanting the reverse sensors that beep if there is something behind you or in front of you when parking, yes you can add those. They are available here: http://www.ford-accessories.co.uk/kuga/2012/comfort/comfort-products# I believe a dealer has to install them as features have to be enabled in the computer.
  15. Worst Ever Parking?

    I've seen my dad take up 5 parking spaces at once - with a Toyota Corolla