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  1. SMAX Spare wheel

    Surely as the mondeo is nearly as heavy (gross mass 2210) as the S-Max (gross mass 2505) the 295 Kg (649 lb) would be hardly worth bothering about for such a short distance at 50MPH? - just chuck the wife out for a couple of miles!! pete
  2. Spare Wheel

    Sounds good as a part solution but it takes up a lot of room in the boot? To see how much I was thinking of jacking the car up and taking a wheel off and putting it in the boot..... Someone else suggested the Meodeo space saver as they said they had pulled one of the back seats slightly forward and put it vertically down behind the second row of seats Someone else said that the difference in size would make little difference to the handling of the car provided you kept it below 50 mph Why are we put in this position by Ford? its not right - I would have given up the 2 extra seats in the third row if I could have had a spare wheel! pete
  3. Spare Wheel

    The lack of a spare wheel is the only thing that puts me off the S-Max! Cheap Jack! Been looking at the Mondeo space save but it has a 16in wheel and mine ore 17in - dont suppose it matters a lot as you are only trying to get to the tyre depot - speed is restricted to 50MPH Anyone any other ideas? its a real pest as I am going to tour Germany next year and would not go without one Pete
  4. Daytime Running Lights

    Yes I have the same on an S-Max bought in September The bit I dont like about the DRL's is..... I was expecting the rear lights to come on as well but they dont Thought this would be a good idea to deter the drivers who end up driving on my boot lid! Decided now to fit some bright reflective tape that might help..... short of that possibly a gravel gun! Pete
  5. Just taken delivery of a new S-Max Titanium I was looking forward to having the day light running lights but they dont seem too bright compared with other cars - does anyone know of any (easy) way of making these brighter? Also - expected the rear lights to come on with the day running lights to warn people behind but mine dont - is something wrong? Pete
  6. How Good Is The 60Plate S-Max -Where Are They?

    Thanks for your comment and help guys..... much appreciated In the end I decided to lease a new S-Max Titanium from http://www.fleetprices.co.uk/vehiclelist.php they were definately the cheapest in the UK (rand over 30 lease companies to make sure) Steve Marston was really helpful and I can recommend they to anyone The only problem now is the wait...... til the end of May? still it will be worth it for 3 years peace of mind When I get it will need to fit a tow bar ... Tell me its still a good car! Pete
  7. I am just about to lease a ford S-Max titanium 2l diesel - just getting quotes! I want the blind spot overtaking mirrors (£400 !) and a tow bar (£600 !) These are expensive (to me) and whereas I cant get around the overtaking mirrors (as they cant be retro fitted) but was thinking of getting a cheaper tow bar Has anyone any experience of this on a lease car - think I am OK so long as I dont cut a hole in the body Any ideas? pete
  8. SMAX Spare wheel

    Thought of buying a spacesaver wheel (which will fit?) and then lifting the top of the extra rear seat and putting it into the footwell and dropping the seat front back down to clamp it? would that work?? pete
  9. am looking at buying a 2010 or 60 plate Smax There seems to be more Zetec about than Titanium - would like titanium spec but the only two things that really appeal are the daylight running lights and the Cruse control on the steering wheel I understand that to get the cruise control - all the wiring is in the loom - so its just a matter of changing the steering wheel and plugging it ito the plug provided - saw on another site someone saying he had a dealer do this for £300......................... is this correct?...............has anyone done it......... was it easy to do? The other item on the titanium that I would like are the daytime running lights.............. the slot for these seems to only be on the face lifted model - when did this come in? was it just the 60 plate (september) ........ think I have seen the slot for this on 2010 cars tho.............. can anybody tell me the situation on this Were this the case I could buy a Zetec and for say £500 get the titanium options saving thousands - what do you think? Any comment or experiences welcome Please help Pete
  10. Seen a few complaints about the S-Max Seen a few good reviews too I would like some advice if you could spare the time I am thinking of buying a 60 Plate S-Max Titanium (with very low mileage) but have not seen any comments about this late model - has anyone any experience of these? or is there a site that gives the true story with no punches pulled? Anyone any bad/good experiences? Any help appreciated - I know its only a ford - but it looks and handles so well? Have been searching the web before I spend my hard earned cash - seems mainly dealers selling the late reg models at stupid prices - Anyone any ideas where I might find a good deal - would buy from Europe but they are more expensive (not bothered about the ford warranty - can buy that from warranty direct - oh and the better half wants a white one, and I want a minimum of 140ps Any comments appreciated - am new to this site sso I hope you can help me Pete