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  1. HI. Does anyone know if mk1 ford ka has the same front windscreen as 2003 Streetka or has anyone had new replacemet front screen fitted what are the costs likely to be Siverfox
  2. Hello I have 2004 Streetka which has badly corroded front subframe mountings on both sides Its where the wishbone bolt is attached to subframe Its not the subframe thats coroded,its the chassis where the front subframe bolt is fixed to the chassis and the wishbone is bolted to the subffame. Has anyone had these replaced, can I buy some after market ones any suggestions. Someones has welded them before its not possible to reweld them.they will need replaced car to good to scrap, one owner 6i000 miles Streetka Winter Edition Any one had this done before any Ideas siverfox
  3. Hi does any know where I could buy a water temp kit for 2003 Streetka . Has any one sourced any parts from any where , or had a temp gauge fitted What temp does the temp warning light come on Gerry
  4. Heated Rear Window

    Is 2003 streetka pre-wired for heated rear window or can you buy harnesss switch from ford Gerry
  5. Mounting hardware hardtop StreetKA

    HI Herman Coukd you post infomation fitting hardtop to streetka any pictures & digrams would be welcomed Could you advise on what the cost of the brsckets & fittings would be Gerry