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  1. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Ps It looks like you might have a little side line going here...lol
  2. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Thanks for the offer John, I just might take you up on that. ref the white dials I have had an email back off lockwoods, this is what they said ; The glow plug warning light will be inactive on petrol engine models but the symbol was on the original so we kept it on ours. If the dials look the same as yours (apart from the colour) then these will be fine. Hope this helps. Kind Regards Clive Lockwood Int. so It looks like they are fine, I might just purchase a set, catch you later...
  3. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Hi again, I bought a soldering iron about six years ago from Maplins it is a ANTEX M12 12w with a very fine tip, I have tried to upload a photo but failed, ah well, Can you tell me where to get the SMD LEDs from and a rough cost for them please? Another thing, I have tried to get a set of white dial faces for the car but everyone is telling me that they dont do one for the diesel, I have just emailed Lockwoods as in there ad on their site it says petrol but on the photo it shows the glow plug heater indicator, I will just have to wait for an answer off them I suppose. catch you later...
  4. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Ps, as for changing the lights in the dash cluster forget it!! :o I took it all apart and looked at what it would involve, all I can say is that you must have the patience of a saint, Hey up it's Saint John..
  5. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Good God now its lashing it down so I think the car will have to wait till it stops..lol
  6. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Hi John, yep, it is now 23.21hrs and I have just put all the dash back together, good grief, they had attatched their wiring all over the !Removed! place and all the connections were soldered together, I have just stripped the lot from under and behind the dash having to repair 3 cables they had cut through (cluster lights, fog light bonnet light) and part way through the heater control, it was only held together by the sleeving and that was why the blower was so intermitant, well thats the front took care of, while I had panels off I found another 5 stray cut offs travelling towards the rear of the car, Guess what I will be doing tomorrow... but it will be worth the effort I suppose being on an 07 and I aquired it at the right price. I found out this morning after phoning the garage that do all the work for the police in the West Lothian and Borders, to find out when the cambelt was changed and guess what it had a New Engine & Box fitted 38000 ago so I guess I win on that score. :D catch you later Fred
  7. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Thanks for that, I will just have to use brute force and ignorance. I just got the car, being ex police they might have upset a connector when taking out their equipment, I'll let you know how I get on. Regards Fred
  8. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    Hi John can you give me the site where you found everything out as I have no instrument lights at all, but its just the cluster and the heater controls that are out. How did you get the dash cluster out? Help please.. regards