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  1. FOC Age group Poll!

    28 and feel a damn site at the moment.

    PSN - A_K_J27 Xbox - Randyandy1 (i really should get a new name!)
  3. PS3 or Xbox?

    I have both. I have had the 360 for a lot longer so have more games on that. All the new games I have brought were for PS3, apart from Kinect, which is truly amazing! Main advantages of PS3 is no fee for playing online and Blu-Ray player. Both brilliant consoles, both have pros and cons.
  4. Car Mods!

    I've seen this which can be done on a Sierra... Sierra conversion
  5. Hi All, I'm new hear but had an issue with my Mondeo this morning, hoping someone could shed some light on it.. I have a 60 Plate Titanium X with the 2.0 Petrol Eco Boost engine and auto gearbox. Its only done 9000 miles and has been faultless, but this morning it had a moment. I was pulling onto a motorway, coming to the end of the slip road and I put my foot down to beat a damn lorry that didn't move over, normally the power from this car is ample and I would have made it, but this time the car kicked down, coughed and spluttered, the engine light came on and it wouldn't pickup speed. I moved into the hard shoulder and stopped and the car cut out, still in gear at this time. I put it in Park, started it and it didn't sound right and wouldn't rev above 3000, again engine light was flashing. Turned it off and restarted and she was as good as gold all the way to work.... Has anyone else had this? Should I be concerned or just put it down as a once off? Thoughts would be gratefully received. Cheers Andy