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  1. Members Rides

    engine itself isn't finished but i do have a picture of it half painted up
  2. re-spray

    what you want is etch primer to go on the bear metal bits some ici fastbuild primer (better than red oxide) comes in either grey or white depending on if the topcoat is a light or dark colour. leave to dry and just give a quick sand down with 800 wet and dry. you topcoat colour in 2pk along with the hardener and thinners wear a mask ( air fed is highly recomened for this) jobs a good'un leave well alone gor a week to harden
  3. HELP xr2 carb problem

    fiesta's have an run on valve that stops this sounds like the high revs are causeing this to fail if you got an xr2 mate you want to try asking on www.xrtwo.com the'll see you right tell them i sent you over my name on there is (F13STA) ;)
  4. HELP! FAO all Drivers

    no chance or if you did its likely to be around £6000 for the isnurance i'm afraid
  5. Members Rides

    seeing as you all seem to have new fiestas let me take you back to where it all started form (sort of)

    i've got a mk2 1.4 cvh mate and if the engine are the same as i'm led to belive (exept mines carb) nothng is intrchangeable as the 1.4 have heart shaped cylinders + head. simple way to add more power is give it a full service. bit more indepth; take the head off check for slack on piston rings if there ok give the cylinder a light hone with 800 or 1200 sand paper. replace the valve stem seals and re grind the valves and clean the carbon off them. clean the inlet and exhaust ports with a wire brush attachment for a drill. doing this adds about 15-25 more horses (probs more actually) however if you want serious power form your 1.4 you'll be going into serious cash. i.e kent cam staged + polished head re -bore lightend crank lightend flywheel you could wack it on twin 40 webber carbs for a little extra power it is an efi engine right? i hope this has been helpful
  7. 1996 fiesta lx

    some times if you repeatedly try to start the car the imoblise may reset itself if not phone you local ford garage and see what they have to say about it sorry i couldn't have been more help imoblisers are not really my strong point
  8. Non Starter

    could be some sort of ecu or coil problem but saying that could be something to do with the cold start system does it fire up on the key ok when its warm or been ran for a bit if so i would say it was the cold start
  9. how many ?

    how many fiesta mk2 1.4 L CVH did ford make as untill i bought mine off a m8 i only new that they put the 1.4 cvh engine in the sport all the other mk2 fiesta's i have see are either the 950cc or 1.1
  10. rev counter

    lol yeh it does i didn't know about them untill i saw some one ask about it on the morris minor website lol i was quite dissappointed when i when to pick the car up as i thought it had a rev counter fixed like the XR2 but theres just a clock lol ah well i don't really car about the clock it !Removed! fast so im happy lol
  11. Old style fiesta wont start

    have you had a look at your disy cap rotor arm and condenser and points could be something to do with them or if its ecu ignition could be something to do with the box OR if it is manual choke could be the bracket that holds the plastic coating has broken and when you pull the choke to start it it is pulling the sheething as well giving you no choke if it is then a jublee clip can solve this lol as the same happened on my fiesta oh and which mk of fiesta is it as i think the mk3 1.1L are ecu
  12. rev counter

    hi im new to the club and was wondering if anyone could help me i have recently purchaes a i think quiter rare 1988 mk2 1.4 L fiesta and i was wondering how hard and how i would go about fitting a seperate rev counter it has elecronic ingnition does that make it harder i have herd you can fit electronic rev counters to the ignition coil is this true if so how would i go about fitting one many thanks kyle
  13. New Owner

    i have also bought a fiest for my first car however i prefer the retro fiestas' which is why i have a quite rare 1.4 L 1988 CVH on a 'F' registration :D