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  1. Happy Birthday Gaz260584!

  2. Focus Zetec S 1.6 2011

    I was reading a 4 page article in top gear magazine and to get a good spec model you need bout 25,000 I assume we are still talking bout the new focus????
  3. Focus Zetec S 1.6 2011

    Thanx for that catch I knew the focus had a good rep that's what attracted me to it thanx again guys for all the comments Gaz
  4. Focus Zetec S 1.6 2011

    Thanx guys for all the input with regard to asking bout performance and specs wen I went last week to browse the showroom and ask bout the zetec s I was told that due to the new model being out in march there was very few left 3 to be exact so if I wanted one I had to order it there and then so it was a rather rush purchase. As for the performance I knew it wouldn't be overly quick due to a 1.6 engine but hoping that it will be quicker than my 08 plate 1.6 zafira????. Thanx gaz,
  5. Focus Zetec S 1.6 2011

    Hi all I am awaiting delivery of my focus zetec s from ford and I am just wanting some info really. I have read that to say the zetec s is 115bhp it is very sluggish just wonderin if anyone could shed any light on this for me and if anyone knows any other problems with the zetec s. Thanx gaz
  6. New Member Gaz.

    Hi all Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself kinda new to all this forum stuff just signed up as i am awaiting delivery of my brand new focus zetec s. Thanx Gaz.