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  1. Water in spark plug ports

    I wish I had seen all this before I had spent so much time trying to suss out where there damnable rain water was getting in. After much grief from my local ford garage who thought I had leaking core plugs and then told me I would need a new cylinder head, £2000 if you do not mind, I was dumfounded with them and got a second opinion who rubbished them and proved them wrong. However rain water is still getting into the spark plug wells, for the life of me I thought the rain was blowing in under the bonnet, how clever was it to put the spark plugs so open to this! Anyway having done a quick search on the web here i am and now off to my local friendly garage to ask for a fix to this......... thank you very much in advance!! quote name='braindead' timestamp='1285789958' post='99197'] hi all you know what this is funny ive just had this problem !!. car was misfiring so thought i do plug change..and what do i find spark plugs under water wow thanks ford. now took an while to get all that water out but i did when to get plugs out 2 where jammed other two came out fine anyways got all four out in end without damage but boy was there some rubbish on them all above the plug seating was stained brown and caked in crap. it took me twice of refitting and removing plugs just to get them in unfouled. got them in newly recharged battery fired the 10th try.but i think i now need new leads as !Removed! thing still misfiring and rough/shundering idling.car only 5 weeks old so the thing going back to dealer tomarrow mostly likly as an return. 3 fords =3 lemons i do know how to pick the bad ones lol gavin