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  1. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Just to keep all those interested in this matter up to date, the problem has not occured again since I've cleaned the throttle potentiometer.
  2. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Very well, but I can assure you that it's not a difficult task to do, and most probably the folks at the Ford garage won't bother to dismantle the pedal pot themselves, they might say that it's not a servicable part and suggest that you replace it with a new one. If so I would suggest you have go before commiting yourself to change the part, there's no harm in trying. Whatever the outcome I'd appreciate if you keep me informed. Thanks!
  3. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Hi APJ, Well what I can tell you is that so far my car hasn't done it since I dismantled the pedal potentiometer and cleaned it as I have explained in one of my previous posts. Mine didn't give any warning lights or error codes before either, but on the other hand mine didn't correct itself after I revved it up to 4000rpm. What I can suggest is that you have a go by cleaning the pedal potentiometer first and see what happens, it's not a difficult job to do apart from the awkward task of unbolting/bolting the 3 nuts that secure the pedal. Good luck!
  4. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Cheers John, thanks!
  5. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Another update...drove my car again today and is still ok. I ran the self diagnostic test just for curiosity and was surprised to find 1 DTC code which read 5750. Can anyone explain what this could be please? Could it be because I have removed and unplugged the accelerator pedal for cleaning maybe?
  6. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

  7. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Just to keep you updated, I drove my Focus for more than 20 miles today and it seems to be ok! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I'm not speaking too soon! Will add updates from time to time. Thanks!
  8. Throttle Pedal Focus 1.8TDCI (2007)

    These are photos of the throttle pedal potentiometer of the Focus 1.8TDCI ('07)
  9. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Hi John, I'd appreciate any possible information, thanks. Just to keep everyone updated, today I went to a Ford Service Center and spoke to a technical guy about the problem and he immediately pointed out at the accelerator pedal potentiometer. So off I went to my garage, unbolted the pedal from it's place and opened it up. Everything looked normal, no corrosion, dust or anything, but still gave the printed circuit a good clean with pure alcohol and a light abrasive sponge. I then blew off any possible dust/abrasive dust particles and refitted the pedal back in it's place. I started the car and the pedal worked perfectly, but I still have to give it some testing time. The job took me just under an hour to complete. I also took some pics of the pedal even when it was dismantled of which I will post later on for all those interested or with a similar problem. Will keep you informed and my fingers crossed!
  10. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Hi johnH, thanks for your reply. If it were a faulty throttle sensor wouldn't it send no signal at all? I'm asking this as when I press the throttle pedal down to the full, the engine still revs up, but very very slowly (not relative to pedal movement), so the potentiometer is still sending a signal.
  11. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Hey Matt, I tried this on my Focus 1.8 TDCI and it works! Thanks!!
  12. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Thanks for your reply H3lly. I checked for smoke when it did it again today while returning back home from the garage, but there was none.
  13. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    Thanks for your reply Jeebowhite. I did not get any errors / warning lights, and yes I did check the DTC codes as read at the top, and there were no DTC counts. In fact I have just returned from a diesel repair specialist where he plugged in the diagnostic code scanner/reader and resulted in nil DTC codes. He also checked the engine and told me it's working perfectly. Then after I left and was driving back home......guess what?.....Yes it did it again!!! I pulled to the side switched the engine off, restarted and drove off normally.
  14. Focus 1.8Tdci (57 Reg) Slow Throttle Response

    No I did not notice any smoke. In fact the engine idled normally, but when I pressed the accelerator pedal the revs would go up very slowly.
  15. Greetings From Malta!

    Greetings from Malta to all of you! I've only been a Ford owner since last September but already experiencing a problem on my 57 reg. Focus 1.8 TDCI. I posted the problem on the Focus owner forum whilst keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that someone could help me! Thanks and regards!