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  1. Hi Peeps, A few pics of my mondeo after a thorough detail this morning. ;) HID 6000k Conversion Kit Fitted
  2. sierra xr4x4 show car

  3. Hi peeps, Ive seen on most Mondeos there is an option to dim the dash lights. On my model, the dimmer switch isnt there. I know that you can literally buy a new control box for the headlights and light alignment, but will the wiring be there for me just to plug in a box with a dimmer control on? All it must be is a control capacitor to control the current going into the instrument lights, so im thinking i can just upgrade the control box?
  4. Black or Blue?

    Sorry, should of read your latest post. The black models are still nice, but keeping them clean is a mission!
  5. Black or Blue?

    Go for the blue. The only "ST" blue which Ford manufacture are ST's whereas Ford use the same 'black' colour you see on ST's on non ST models. Be unique!
  6. footwell lights

    All fitted, thanks for letting me know! ;)
  7. footwell lights

    Would it be possible for you to put up a pic of where i am supposed to be looking? Just went out with a torch and had a goose in the drivers side footwell and couldnt see anything? :(
  8. White Smoke Problem! HELP!

    Try checking all the fuel injectors. Does the car struggle idleing as it may be running on 3 cylinders? Alot of the 2.2 TDCi engines have these problems which appear catastrophic at first but can be solved with a bit of tlc in the injector area. Hope you sort it out, if not take it to a garage and get it plugged in to see what the ecu is doing. ;)