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  1. Hi there, first post :) I have a 60 reg Focus with an iPod cradle w/ USB port and audio jack in the central armrest with the Sony DAB Radio. I can play music fine through my iPhone (3GS) with Bluetooth disabled, but with BT disabled I can't make or answer phone calls. So if I enable BT and pair it with Ford Audio, I can no longer hear music through the iPod channel on my radio. If I switch it to the BT Audio channel, I can hear the music again, however then when a new track starts, it pauses/mutes about 1 second into the next track. Has anyone experienced this issue before and/or knows of a possible solution to this? Or am I only left with the option of digging out my old iPod and using that for music in my car? I'd rather not do the latter as I'd rather have all my media through one device, but if that's just how it is, then I'll live with it. Second question - the song meta data shown on the Sony screen - is it changeable? I can change the bottom line between track no., artist or track name, but is it possible to change the top line (currently populated by album title, which I'm not really interested in seeing). Ideally I'd have track name on the top line and artist on the bottom, surely it must be possible to do this as it's pretty much standard for any digital display layout? Thanks!