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  1. Ford Customer Relations Brentwood

    Its the same old story, as soon as a company has got the money they want out of you they dont give a s*!t
  2. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    I think they may have tried to adjust the striker plate in an attempt to close the gap at handle area of the door. They did not really make any difference to that area. The area at the bottom that was ok is now slightly too far in! This means that the edge of the adjacent panel it is now catching the air going by the door and is getting dirty very fast. I have also been told that over time the paintwork in this area will become pitted etc unless the door is moved back out.
  3. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    An UPDATE on this! Had it into the dealer today and they were unable to fix it. Would need to be sent to a bodyshop they say. Phoned ford customer services and said I was not happy about putting the car into the bodyshop but I was also not happy with a new car being delivered to me in a less than perfect state. They suggested that I should reject the vehicle!
  4. Adjusting Rear Doors

    Sounds a similar sort of problem to mine. Though I dont have an even gap all the way down. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19713&st=0&p=117009&hl=fussy&fromsearch=1entry117009 They have offered to take mine in and "footer about" with it to see if they can fix it. Did not fill me with confidence! Said they would allocate a whole day to trying to sort it lol. I might just put up with mine as it would be only for cosmetic reasons. If you are getting wind noise etc then thats different. Sounds as though it may just be a simple striker adjustment yours needs. Would probably only take 10 mins to do that.
  5. Mk7 1.25 Zetec Progress Thread

    Your car looks great mate. I had the same level of tints on my last car - an Astra VXR. I dont want to worry you but your insurance is void with those tints on the front windows. If you were in a smash and they inspected the vehicle they could refuse to pay out.
  6. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    Thanks for all the comments. I had a closer look at it today and noticed its also slightly too far in at the bottom front as below. Would probably need a hinge adjustment I think.
  7. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    You think I should just forget about it then?
  8. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    Ha ha, well to be honest I am very impressed with the build quality apart from this. I guess the guy fitting the passenger doors was having an off day. Oh and it was built on a Thursday at Niehl not a Friday :P
  9. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    Ah see this is exactly what worries me. I shudder at the thought of them starting to rip panels off because I never feel that things can be put back together as good as they were at the build factory. When I mentioned it to the service dept they said I needed to book it in for at least two hours in case they wanted to remove the door :o I booked one of my previous vauxhall cars in once to get an air vent fixed and they damaged the dashboard. At the same time though if its a dead easy fix then I would rather let them do it.
  10. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    The thing is if they adjust the striker plate then it will pull the flush lower part of the door too far in!
  11. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    I bought a brand new 1.25 Zetec just under one month ago. I am very happy with the car. It drives great etc. There is only one thing I am not too happy about and that is the fact that the passenger door is not totally flush with rear panel when its closed. I have included some pics of what I am talking about to get your opinion. I am wondering if I am just being too fussy. Would you put this in for correction or would you leave it alone in case they damage the car or make things worse when they are trying to fix it. I know I suffer from OCD PS IT IS FLUSH AT THE BOTTOM AND STARTS TO STICK OUT AS YOU GET TO THE UPPER HALF OF THE DOOR. So it would not be as simple as adjusting the striker plate i dont think!
  12. Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

    My car has only done 600 miles. I am averaging 45mpg and that includes a fair bit of urban driving. I have to say that I am very happy with that. As the engine runs in I might even improve on that hopefully. :)
  13. Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

    Far heavier. All the airbags for starters ;)
  14. Reverse Gear Problem

    Yeah I guess its just a case of getting used to these wee things then when you get a new car. Thanks for you input guys.