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  1. speedo

    If the Titanium I am thinking of buying (14,000 miles, 2005) had this fault would the mileage then be inaccurate? Couldn't this be like accidental 'clocking'?
  2. Hi, had a really good test drive of a Titanium 2005 1.6 115 petrol today, it's only done around 14,000 miles. The only thing is there is a quite a scrape down the edge of the driver door (as if someone's opened the door too wide against a stone wall. They say they'll clean it up (they just got the car in, it hasn't even been cleaned yet), but that I would still notice if I looked closely. I admire they're honesty but how much would you haggle down for this. It was at £6500 and I've got them down to £6200 which I think is as good as I can get out of them. Would this put you off buying the car at this price (which seems good, looking at current selections on sites). Thanks, Eric
  3. Ghia 2007 price

    Aha...right - it's the fact it's a 2007 model that surprises me (which has the sony cd/radio I want). I'm still trying to get my head round all this 55,56 business, when I was last looking for a car it was still the first letter of the plate which gave its year :) Thanks for your help.
  4. Ghia 2007 price

    Ah. I guess cos I'm filtering to under 20,000 miles....incidentally, what importance would you attach to low mileage when buying a used ford focus? many thanks, ezman
  5. Ghia 2007 price

    Hi, I'm looking for a small family car and have pretty much decided to get a focus. Now the question turns to what kind. I took a Zetec climate 1.6 out for a drive on Saturday which I was impressed with. Also had a look at the Ghia which I liked (apart from the plastic wood effect!) Thing is, at the dealership I found this one... http://www.drivebenfield.com/approvedcars/...75401/index.cfm Doesn;t this seem on the cheap side for a 2007 model? Any thoughts on it.