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  1. Play In Steering

    I adjusted my steering box yesterday. Seems to have removed the play for now. Steering doesn't tighten up on full lock either. Its a right faff to get at the adjuster though. I did it from the top, that meant battery out and the batt tray. I then had to remove the batt tray support bolted to the chassis as its right above the box, to give some spanner space. Allow your self an hour and half if you gonna do it. The main locking nut is 17mm and sturdy blade screwdriver to take up slack.
  2. 2007 Model Ranger Cd

    Hi All, My Ranger is fitted with this type radio. However I cannot get it to load the CD's. I've pressed and held the load button, but nowt happens and you cant get the cd's in the slot. The radio side works fine. I did notice that even after the battery had been disconnected it never asked for a code. I thought all Fords radios had keycodes. Referring to the in car hand book is a waste of time as it doesn't show this model of radio. So any pointers before I go in search of a replacement CD player, or does anyone have a working example (like the picture) they want to sell. Thanks Ken
  3. After months of looking and drooling, I finally managed to get myself one of these. Not a bad vehicle, ex lease hire so a few dings here and there. I'm well happy with it so far. But like any second hand motor, it has a few niggles which I'll ask about in the appropiate sections. Always been a Ford man, currently own a 1961 Anglia Van and a 1972 Ex German Fire Transit. Been around cars, vans and trucks for well over 30 years, but found there is always something to learn, especially on these new vehicles!! Thanks for looking. Cheers Ken