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  1. The powertrain light (exclamation mark in a cog) keeps coming on in my '06 1.6 TDCi Focus. When it comes on it also goes into safe mode and drastically reduces the power. It's not dpf related as I had that little nightmare removed and the ecu reprogrammed a while back. I had it scanned a few weeks ago and the mechanic said it was indicating an error with glow plugs / glow plug module. He reckoned it needed a new module at a cost of €300, or else he suggested there might be a wiring issue somewhere on the glow plug circuit. I left it to have a think about what to do. The glow plug light comes on as normal when I turn on the ignition. Shortly after starting and driving the car a few miles the powertrain light will come on and I'll lose power. I decided to have a look at the fuses in the fuse box. Anything glow plug related seemed fine, no fuses blown. I pressed all the fuses and relays down just to make sure that none had come loose. After I did this I started and drove the car and it was fine, no powertrain light. It stayed fine, no problems, for a few days, and then eventually the light came back on. Now, whenever the light comes on again, I open the bonnet and press down all the fuses and relays and it's fine again. Sometimes for a few hours, sometimes a few days. But always the powertrain light will eventually come back on again and cut the power. The fact that it seems to be ok after I've fiddled in the fuse box suggests to me that the problem is not with the glow plug module as the mech suggested. Could I have a duff relay or fuse? Or could a fuse or relay be working loose and causing this? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. Unknown Dash Light

    This has been coming up on mine the last few months with the same limp home mode coming on. It's the power train light. Had mine scanned and it said glow plugs or glow plug module. The glow plugs are fine though. I also concurrently had a whooshing sound from in front of the dash like the blowers were on and, after a root around under the bonnet, it turns out I have a couple of leaks in the turbo system, one at the intake pipe and one at the intercooler outlet pipe which is split. Will be replacing these soon as I get cash for the parts. Hopefully that cures it. Don't know if yours is the same though. Mechanic who scanned it said power train light could really be anything, even though it said glow plugs. Are there any other symptoms? Any strange noises? Any change in your mpg?
  3. Possible Turbo Leak - Where To Look?

    I had a good look around this today. I took off that steel pipe that goes form the turbo to the intercooler and examined it closely but found no crack. I also examined all the rubber and plastic hoses and connections on the turbo system and found a few things. The rubber hose that goes from the air cleaner box into the turbo is cracked at both ends, the end that connects to the tube being sliced almost clean off Also the pipe which tees off this and connects to the engine to the right of the oil filler cap below the injectors (yellow arrow in pic below) looks like it has a couple of clips broken off it. It's being held loosely in place by a zip tie... The other place I found a problem with was with the plastic outlet pipe (outlined red below) that runs from the intercooler outlet to the intake manifold. This has a split in the seam along the bottom of the pipe. So would these two areas account for my turbo leak whooshing sounds like the blowers are on in the cabin type noises? Are these pipes expensive to replace? Also, all the pipes I inspected in the turbo system had a lot of oil in them. The areas of engine adjacent to the points where the pipes shown above were split were also covered in oil. Is it normal for there to be oil in this pipework? Doesn't seem right to me.
  4. What Does This Warning Light Mean?

    Thanks mate, I'll give that a look in the morning.
  5. I'm pretty sure I have a turbo leak somewhere as my car is making a 'whooshing' sound under acceleration which sounds like it's coming from on top/in front of the dash. It was in with a mechanic yesterday for something else entirely and, as an aside after a test drive, he mentioned to me that he thought it might have a leak somewhere in the turbo system also. It's chucking out a bit more smoke than usual (it's a diesel), so would this mean it's burning more fuel? And would this indicate a leak too i.e. burning more fuel to give the same power? Are there any 'usual suspect' areas where the turbo system develops leaks? It's a 1.6tdci
  6. What Does This Warning Light Mean?

    Mine is still coming on every once in a while. Had it scanned properly yesterday and it said the same thing, glow plugs or glow plug relay. But I'm pretty sure I have a turbo leak somewhere as it's making a 'whooshing' sound under acceleration which sounds like it's coming from on top/in front of the dash. Mechanic said this could be causing the warning light. Also it's chucking out a bit more smoke than usual (it's a diesel), so would this mean it's burning more fuel? And would this too indicate a turbo leak? Are there any 'usual suspect' areas where the turbo system develops leaks? It's a 1.6tdci
  7. What Does This Warning Light Mean?

    Yes I checked, no dtc's logged on it unfortunately. Just drove it 60miles and it's driving fine. Will get it scanned tomorrow.
  8. What Does This Warning Light Mean?

    Thanks for the replies. According to Stoney's link it is the power train warning light: Vehicles with a 5-speed manual transmission or Durashift EST If the powertrain warning lamp comes on when the engine is running, this indicates a malfunction. The engine will continue to run but it will have limited power. Have this checked as soon as possible. If the powertrain warning lamp flashes when the engine is running, this indicates a malfunction. Stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so. Have this checked before continuing your journey. So something up with the gearbox I guess? Or does power train include the engine? Gearbox is working fine. Engine is due a dpf replacement but I've been ignoring that! Hope this isn't expensive, will get it checked out...
  9. I have an '06 tdci focus and today a warning light popped up on the dash. It is a circular cog with an exclamation mark in the centre of it. Unfortunately there was no owners manual in the car when I bought it so I don't know what the light is referring to. I'd be very grateful if anyone could shed any light?
  10. I have a 2006 Focus Mk2. I recently picked up another instrument cluster on eBay which looks a bit sexier than the basic one in my own. It has a different font on the dials and sort of silver hoods around the dials (it is definitely from a mk2, and not mk2.5). It also has the trip computer display whereas mine is the very basic display which was carried over from the mk1. Also, and a bit more fundamentally, mine is a diesel and this is from a petrol, so the rev range is different, although it does have a glow plug light. My first question is will changing the instrument cluster in general have an impact on the immobiliser? And how would it affect the mileage readout? Is this stored in the cluster of the ecu?
  11. Help Interpreting Trouble Code

    Thanks Jeebo. Another interesting read. I think I will follow your lead and contact the Department of Transport and the Department of the Environment here and enquire as to the legalities of removal in this neck of the woods. My prediction? They won't even respond to my enquiry!
  12. Help Interpreting Trouble Code

    Thanks for that link Catch, it made for interesting reading. Well I've had some quotes for both replacement and removal of the dpf. A ford main dealer in Belfast quoted £1149 for replacement. A ford main dealer in Dublin quoted €1650(!) for replacement. A very reputable independent garage and tuning house http://www.chippedire.com/ quoted €550 for removal of dpf and reprogramming of ecu. This includes a written guarantee that the car will still pass the NCT (our equivalent of the MOT). I understand what you are saying about the insurance company looking for any excuse not to pay up in the event of a claim, but I don't see how it would be a matter for the insurance company as it does not materially affect the performance or safety of the vehicle. The insurance company can swivel on it as far as I'm concerned. At the moment I'm leaning toward the removal. Even if I have the filter replaced and eloys top up (not included in those main dealer quotes btw) I'm still looking at a regen and top up again in 37.5k and another filter replacement and top up when I reach 150k. Considering I plan on keeping this car for the forseeable (can't afford to do otherwise) and my yearly mileage is ca. 24k I would be saving myself an awful lot of money down the road if I have the filter removed now, assuming that the removal is a success and proves reliable. But I see no reason why it shouldnt be.
  13. Help Interpreting Trouble Code

    Thanks Catch. It would appear that I, like so many others I suspect, have stumbled into a right old mess when I opted to purchase a "reliable" focus. Don't know what to do now. I've been unemployed for the last couple of years and started studying again in Belfast and I commute 50miles there and 50miles back every day so that's why I went for the focus, reliability and fuel economy. Before this I've had a succession of lemons, the last two being mk 4 golfs which were both pigs and cost me a fortune in repair bills. I really can't afford to be fixing cars all the time, again hence plumpIng for the reliable focus. So do I shell out for a new dpf, roughly how much is this? Do I sell it on and let someone else deal with it, as was probably done before I got it? Can it be removed alltogether? Think I read a post about someone doing that on here. Cutting the fu*ker off and have the ecu remapped to suit is really appealing to me right now! Fun fun fun
  14. Help Interpreting Trouble Code

    I didn't purchase the car from the dealer unfortunately. I've just spoken with them and they've confirmed that it does have a dpf, oh joy. It needs a top up and regen. I'm in Ireland and interestingly the first thing he asked me was "was it originally a UK car?", which it was. Seems that it is VERY rare to get an originally Irish supplied car fitted with a dpf. Any they have seen have all been on cars that originated in the UK (There is a big market here for 2nd hand UK cars). Wonder why they were fitted in the UK and not here? Anyway, need to book it in for the work, will let you know how it goes.
  15. Help Interpreting Trouble Code

    Well after looking through some previous threads here I managed to get the bonnet open today. I had to press very hard on the key whilst turning it and simultaneously press down hard on the bonnet above the lock mechanism to coincide with each turn of the key. The White barrel with the rubber grommet at the inside end of the cable tube appears to have been bodged previously as it has had a couple of screws wellied in either side of it. Kinda looks like a Tim Burton character... So the previous owner(s) have obviously had trouble with this too. Didn't get to speak to the dealers today regarding confirming whether or not I have a dpf as thy were closed, most likely hung over from yesterday's festivities. Will go in the morning and report back.