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  1. Here are the second part from this car photos....
  2. Hallo Ford ownwers! I'm Niki from Bulgaria :) I'm 23, and I still study here (last year until i get my bachelor degree :) ) As u already know we in Bulgaria haven't got much money. That's why I'm looking for an old Escort MK7 - the last modification of Escort. My parents own a '87 Escort 3 door hatchbag, and we are satisfied from it. It runs very good even already 24 years old :) So, here is my question- do u know what should I look for in this Escort Mk7? Any week links? Gearbox? Rust? Well, it does have some rust, but I think that is repairable (see the pictures below). The guy who is selling this car said that she is in 100% good condition - engine, suspension, everything but this little rust outside the rear door. Well, the price is high especially for you guys in England. The price here in Bulgaria for this car is 800 pounds. Thats the average value for this car in Bulgaria. The prices are between 500 pounds and 1200 pound, so that's in the middle... It has an air conditioning, electric windows, and installed LPG. Also, two sets of tires - summer tires with 15" alloys, and winter with 13" iron rims. I hope you'll understand this post, because I'm writing rarely in English :) Here are some pictures: