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  1. Ford Sync and Navigation Updates?

    Hi I have just tried to register on the india site and when it asks for the VIN it comes up saying the car is not for this country
  2. Satnav retrofit help

    Hi has anything happened regarding this mod on the screen photo above what are all the other connectors for is there one for the gps antenna
  3. Ok thanks Bannko
  4. Hi all picking up a new rs on Friday which hasn't got nav its sync 3 anyone know if its different
  5. DAB issues

    Hi In the last few days I have been having problems with my DAB reception. The radio cuts off and then after a few seconds the display shows an arrow pointing to FM under the radio icon in the display. The DAB then cuts in again a few seconds later. Anyone else seen this or having this issue
  6. St Electric Window Problem

    Hi all in the frost last week I tried to open the driver window and it opened about half an inch then stopped. since then the window will only open to the same point. anybody else had this problem and is it possible to reset so it opens fully or is it a dealer job
  7. St Electric Window Problem

    Thanks guys works now
  8. St Jack

    Hi All When I bought my ST2 it was a pre built car and did not come with a spare wheel I bought a 15" rim/tyre but didn't get round to buying a jack/brace etc. I have just bought a spare wheel kit from fordpartsuk. The jack supplied is a scissor jack but jacks for sale on ebay which say fit models from 2008 to 2014 all appear to be the y shaped type. Can anyone with an ST confirm what sort of jack they have. I also have the spare steel 15" rim for sale if anyones interested cost £41.81
  9. Ids

    My car didn't have the loom, I had to order it separately. Hope your solution works
  10. Ids

    I did the retrofit Bluetooth mod in my 2010 zetec s there is a separate loom which connects to the Bluetooth main loom by the base of the a pillar and is routed up the a pillar and across the headlining. I bought the plastic headlining trim which houses the mic. You have to cut out the headlining to fit
  11. Flaking Paint New St

    Hi All Last evening I washed the car and for the first time since I bought it 3 months ago I wiped over the edge of the rear valance inside the passenger wheel arch. a couple of penny size white patches appeared where the paint flaked off the plastic. Has anyone else seen this happen I have contacted the ford dealer and they want to inspect it
  12. Flaking Paint New St

    Yes normal shampoo that ive used a 1000 times before The local ford dealer I bought it from haven't got a bodyshop so ive got to take it to a dealer 15 miles away!!
  13. Im 50 and paid £220 on a new ST2 in april
  14. Privacy Glass

    I bought a used zs tdci from tc Harrison. after a couple of weeks I noticed that the rear screen and one rear window were privacy glass and the other rear window was a normal tint (Don't know how I missed it) I rang them up and they arranged to have it changed. They reckoned it may have been built like it The windows are bonded in so they had it for a few hours while the adhesive went off properly I would insist on replacing the glass
  15. I'm Coming Back... [Warning: St Inside!]

    Hi Nath Glad to see you rejoined the fold I swapped my old ZS TDCi in MArch for an ST2 brilliant car Had a stock model though shame you cant retro cruise and powerfold though (unless you've found a way) Cheers Dave
  16. St Spare

    Hi all I have an st2 which I bought from stock and didn't come with a spare. If I had a make to order car I would definitely gone for a spare wheel. I have picked up a spacesaver off ebay for £13.50 brand new, Anyone know if the polystyrene insert with the jack etc. is different from a 14 inch spare to a 15 inch. I need to pick up one of these now but I want to get one which is the same as an original fitment
  17. Getting An St

    Hi all Having swapped my Focus ST 3 years ago for an economical Zetec S 1.6 TDCi fiesta I have decided to go for a new ST. Choice between a Molten Orange with streetpack and convienience pack or a blue with just streetpack. £2/month difference in the price over 4 years. Just don't know which one to have. I test drove an orange yesterday and it was dirty and looked really dull although the new one in the showroom sparkled. The dealer Is bringing in a blue one tomorrow for me to see before I decide. What does anyone else think ps I got an insurance quote on a multicar policy and it was £165 quid - £50 cheaper than my diesel
  18. Help Body Kit Inbound

    Hi I fitted skirts to my zs tdci as I didn't have them from the factory. I had them painted by a local body shop. There were two clips which push fitted into holes in the underside (you have to remove the two seals from the holes) There were also about four push in clips either side which fit into the sill holes on models which have them factory fitted (you can ignore these as you wont have the holes). I then bought some automotive grade double sided sticky about 5mm wide and stuck this on the mating faces of the skirts at the top. The holes on the underside of the skirts slid onto the fittings you push into the underside. I then pulled a little of the backing tape off the double sided so you can push the skirt to the car and working from the middle then pull the backing off and push. Then fit the end caps. I never had any issues with them coming away and they were on for three years when I px it.
  19. Tank Size

    Hi All Whats the fuel tank capacity in an ST I thought that all petrol models was 42 litres but I managed to get 45.27 litres in mine when I filled it up yesterday
  20. Tank Size

    Hi Chris Thanks for that that sounds like ive got the 48 litre tank then
  21. Tank Size

    Update When I got to the garage the remaining miles was showing 0. Managed to get 48.38 litres (10.66 gallons) in trip was reading 423 miles (39.68 mpg) avg mpg reading was 40.5 I think 6.38 litres over tank capacity is a lot so maybe pumps are dispensing incorrectly. Think I will try a gallon in a petrol can and measure it in the wifes cooking jug!!
  22. Your right been away both weekends since ive had it
  23. Tank Size

    I think I will try a different garage next time see what the difference is. The gauge was saying about 29 miles left when I filled it up
  24. Had my ST for 2 weeks now Havent really blasted it, then again cant as the motorway is normally crawling 32 miles to work of which about 19 on m42 first tank of petrol gave me 420 odd miles at just over 42mpg
  25. Tank Size

    ASDA Supermarket