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  1. Ford Fiesta Finesse 2003 - Choking!

    Further to changing the coil pack (above posts), I decided to change the HT leads again. When removing the leads a couple of them left a metal connection attached to the plug, so the leads may have been iffy. Removed metal and attached new leads. The car is no longer struggling or missing, fingers crossed. I've made sure the leads are nicely secured, car no longer makes a "tsk" noise when idling, which I assume was the leads arc-ing to the vehicle body.
  2. Ford Fiesta Finesse 2003 - Choking!

    Problem seems to be re-occuring, just not as drastic as before. When I apply med-high throttle at the low end of a gear I'm getting a hesitation until I ease off. If I accelerate more cautiously I can avoid the issue, or by staying in lower gears i.e. staying in 3rd until 30-35mph staying in 4th - 35 - 55mph What are the max revs I should be hitting in a Fiesta Finesse? 2500, 3000? I'm starting to think that I've forgotten how to drive my poor fiesta after the problems I've had! Am I flooding the engine? Or is it possible the garage have fitted a duff coil pack? I don't remember ever having this issue in the past when accelerating....
  3. Ford Fiesta Finesse 2003 - Choking!

    Problem appears to be fixed by replacing the coil pack... the air fault code (sorry I don't have the ref) might have a side affect of the actual problem.
  4. Ford Fiesta Finesse 2003 - Choking!

    Took car back to the garage, and this time an air fault code occured which hadn't previously (afraid I don't have the code), but the mechanic suggested changing the air sensor (MAF?) which he did. Fault code cleared, car drove fine on the way home (possibly because it was warm), but the next day the problem was still there! Should I take my car to a Ford garage?
  5. Ford Fiesta Finesse 2003 - Choking!

    Changed Fuel Filter now too. The engine seems to make a short "hiss" noise when idling from cold, but this clears up after running the engine for a few minutes. Could it be the fuel injector not opening and closing correctly? Does anyone know if it is a single or multi injector? Pricey to replace or cheap?
  6. Ford Fiesta Finesse 2003 - Choking!

    Changed Air filter...still no joy. What's the next most likely point of failure?
  7. Ford Fiesta Finesse 1.3 petrol 2003 65k When shifting between 2nd/3rd/4th (particularly on hills or when more throttle is being used) the engine will miss a beat, as if it's not getting enough fuel, air? I have changed spark plugs, spark leads and used some fuel cleaner fluid in the tank. What's the best (and cheapest/common) fix to try next. I am a novice but could probably change air filter... Thanks for any suggestions!