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  1. More Power

    Hey peeps, I have a new shape ford focus 1.6 petrol titanium. Is there any way to get more power out of it with out doing and drastic changes to engine? Cheers Chris Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Cornering Lamps

    Admiral do you have the HID lights like Alexp999? Or do you have different set up. I've noticed a lot of cars like VW and Skoda and seat etc have there front fog lights activate on each side depending on which way your turning and want to know if the fords do this?? Thanks for the replys guys. Chris Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  3. Cornering Lamps

    Hello, I have a 201/2012 Ford Focus Titanium (New Model). I was looking through my owners manual and noticed that it talked about Cornering Lamps. I Understand that when you turn the steering wheel the front fog lamp on the side of the car going into the corner lights up to brighten up the corner. Is there a facility to turn this on or do i have to add a fuse anywhere to get this feature? I think this Feature is on the Titanium X but can you get this on the Titanium? many thanks Chris
  4. Both myself and my wife's grandad have ford focus titaniums. Mines a 2011 1.6petrol and his is a 2012 1.6 diesel. He's only had the car a couple weeks and we've noticed a small switch which has an off and on symbol down by the drivers seat. Mine doesn't have this. The only difference between his and mine is he has keyless entry and front bumper sensors. Can anyone tell me what this switch could be?? Thanks Chris Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Front Suspension Creak

    Hello, Ive got a Ford focus 2011 Titanium 1.6 petrol. When I go over speed bumps I get this creaking noise coming from the front end from the suspension? Can anyone advise to a solution to this problem? many thanks Chris
  6. Focus Drl For Mk 2.5

    Hello herbigrey, Im in a simlar position to you regarding the wires. Did you ever get a response on which wires to connect the yellow and white ones too? and where abouts in the car to find these? Thanks Chirs
  7. Hello I have a 1.8 duratec Petrol engine in a 59 plate focus. When i have the engine running i can hear a knocking/ticking sound and when i place my fingers on the coil packs going left to right number 1, 2, 4 are fine I get a small vibration feeling from these packs but number 3 I get a knocking feeling. I have had no loss of performance in the engine and it picks up very nicely, but when the engine is idling and i increase the revs there’s this knocking/ticking coming from this coil pack. I have tried to see if the spark plug is loose but this is not the case and tried the nuts and bolts around to see the same but came to the same conclusion. This is not only an irritating noise but i just hope its nothing too serious Please can you help with a diagnosis and even a solution to my issue Cheers Chris
  8. Hello can anyone help me? When i start my 2009/2010 1.8l Duratec petrol Ford Focus i get a ticking/metallic squeak sound coming from the crank pully I have narrowed it down to this part as when i turn the right front wheel on full lock outward and listen to the engine from there the ticking/metallic squeak comes from that particular part. ive replaced the oil as thought i might be to think for instant pick up, changed that to Castrol magnatec, but the noise is still there once the car is up to temperature the noise stops. its really annoying as it sounds like im driving a right nail. ha Thanks for looking at my post Cheers
  9. I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium 1.6 Petrol. Every now and again i will be driving along and suddenly have loss of power. I was travelling along the A1 and had to drop it to 2nd Gear to get any power to overtake. This has happened couple of times. Another time this happened i was going up a hill which my focus usually goes up very well, had to drop it right to 1st gear and it still struggled. I have taken it to my local Dealer, and because no lights come on the dash and their computer doesn’t say anything or show any codes, they say there is nothing wrong with it, and they said that when it happens being it straight to us, what happens when we are some distance away? Anyone have any Ideas? Cheers Chris
  10. Hello can anyone help me? When i start my 1.8l Duratec petrol Ford Focus i get a ticking sound coming from the part shown in the picture attached. I have narrowed it down to this part as when i turn the right front wheel on full lock outward and listen to the engine from there the ticking comes from that particular part. once the car is up to temperature the ticking stops. Thanks for looking at my post Cheers Chris
  11. Does anyone know how long the used ford warranty covers audio for. My radio on my 59 plate focus has started doing something strange. When i turn the radio on the display appears for a few second then the radio station and P number dissapears but the time stays and the radio still plays music. This happens on every channel. When i press the station number again the display reappears and doesnt disappear again untill i turn the radio off and back on again.. Can any one tell me how long the radio is covered for and if they know what could be the issue thats making my radio do this cheers BIGGSY
  12. Power Steering

    Now I don’t want to sound stupid but I have a 2009/2010 focus 1.8 (125) petrol and ive noticed there isn’t a power steering fluid reservoir?? Am I being stupid and can’t see it for looking? Cheers Biggsy
  13. Front Fog Lights Ford Focus 2010

    I fitted some Xenons 55w Super white. Look brilliant. My sides, Dipped, main and spots are all super white and look like HID's. They were off a website called Xenons.biz. Really helpful and all at bargin prices. i know they are not the real thing but give the car that Sophisticated look. They are quite bright as well give you much more light to drive with on dark roads :-)
  14. Front Fog Lights Ford Focus 2010

    Thankyou lenny and preee, that info really helps and makes the task much easier, Cheers biggsy
  15. i have a 59 plate ford focus which is the facelift model NOT the new model. Pic of the car on profile picture. I need to change the bulb in the front fog lights and was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the front plastic cover without breaking it as the instructions in the manual are very vague, and i havent been able to find any videos on the internet. I would be greatful if anyone could help me out cheers chris