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  1. hello folks, this may sound a stupid question but how do you remove the coolant cap on a 11 plate 1.25 ford fiesta as i cant work it out for the life of me. thanks paul
  2. Crashed Fiesta

    hi. sorry to hear about your accident. first off have any of you been to hospital/gp to be checked for these injuries. were the police involved as if this was an injury collision they should have been. on the point of the excess yes you do usually have to pay this regardless of fault and have to claim this back off the tp insurance company. your insurer will help with this if you have legal cover. on the case of wright of i wouldnt like to say but i wouldnt think so unless the frame or shasi is nakerd. sorry for spelling. on the gap insurance ask admiral about that. Paul
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Dashboard Lights

    after reading this i was intiged so had a play around withe the display setting's. if it is set to automatic dim then when the headlights/sidlights are switched on then the lock annd hazard light button light up but if you have it set to daylight which meens when the lights are switched on the screen doesnt dimm it's self then the lock hazard light switches do not come on regardles of wheter the lights are on or not. Paul
  4. Ford Fiesta MK6

    the spedos sometimes will work fine and then all of a sudden eitheir stick at a sertain speed or go to zero and then come back on later on. and on the five door version inbetween the front and back doors is a plastic cover. they seem to come loose and need glueing back. easy job. other than that craking car i had a 52plate 1.25
  5. 2 Questions.

    my old fiesta had the same problem with the speedo. and the bit you have circuled i had to keep glueing back on. think its a sensor with the spedo.
  6. Where Do I Find The Paint Code?

    it used to be the last 3 numbers of your vin code i belive
  7. i have a fiesta edge. i have also got these footwell light sockets. i have looked and all the wiring seems to be their also. however when i put the w5w bulb into the holders tried different ways around they did not work. could it posibly be a fuse not on my car. can anyone tell me which fuse it is. i have the first smaller fuse box behind the glove box. i have looked all through the manual and cant find anything on ambient lighting in their. thnaks in advance for any help. Paul
  8. Ac Confunsion

    thankyou for the replies. i was curious lol
  9. Ac Confunsion

    i may sound daft asking this i have never had aircon so i could only see it making the air even colder. so why would it clear the screen quicker.
  10. Fiesta Lx Clutch Pedal

    i had the same car as yourself. have a look at the clutch pedal. at the top is a bit that comes of at right angle and has something connected to it. ford did fix the problem of this slipping of the end then catching back on. i found mine hadnt been done and was causing me some problems so i put a cable tie around the clutch pedal and the thing its attahed to this stoped the problem. i think the ford fix was a clip for it but cable tie seems to work perfectly
  11. Ac Confunsion

    Hi folk's. i got a new fiesta with ac on it and when i turn the air distributor the dial that shows where the air is going to to the windscreen only the aircon comes on. does anyone no why as at 3 am on a frosty morning i really dont need cold air lol. Many thanks Paul
  12. Anyone Seen An 11 Plate Fiesta Yet?

    Hi guys. I actualy have an 11 plate fiesta. piked it up on the first of the month at 10 am so it was the first 11 plate i had seen. but since then seen a few other cars but not fiestas.
  13. Thanks for your replies folks. well i spend all day driving large vehicals and it's nice to drive something nice on the way home instead of the sheds i get to drive at work. lol. i find the 1.25 engine in the car i drive sumtimes lacks a little but is more than enought for what i get up to. cheep to run as have been to france twice in my old girl a 52 plate. she has never failed me once. and has only ever failed one mot and that was a rear wheel baring which i allwredy new about. it does have a bit of a dodgey spedo which i find a lot fords end up with or do from that time. to tell you all the truth i have driven a few different cars , citroen, vw golf,vw passat,vauxhall corsa, vauxhall combo van, alfa romeo. I have found the fiesta not as powerfull as these but what it lacks in power it more than makes up for in pure drivability, space inside and cost effectivness. I have never had such luxeries as air conditioning and bluetooth etc still trying to work out what the last one really does lol. i just no it was free. and that must help the resale value. Mithch84 no it isnt lol. not noking all that sort of thing but sometimes back to basics is best as less to go wrong. And thank's for the reassurance about the alloy wheels. Paul
  14. I have gone for the edge 1.25 i think 82 ps. in colarado red with alloys and bluetooth as i could get them for free. yeah i really cant wait. are their any good tips advice anyone can offer me. this is my first ever brand new car so a bit new at this game. after reading the things about bukkled aloys was thinking i should have kept the steel wheels on it.