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  1. tomtom70

    SYNC 3 and CarPlay

    As Carplay is running on the phone, are you sure the headphone is locking up, and not the phone? If you disconnect the phone, does Sync work normally? Then the issue is with the phone. With carplay Sync (resp. any Carplay enabled headunit) everything runs on the iPhone, the headunit only receives a video stream, and transmits the touchscreen pperation.
  2. tomtom70

    Newbie asking for advice re AUX input

    Have you tried swapping the lead? If you connect your current lead when it's not connected to the vehicle, does the sound change (no output on the device)? If you can get to the socket yourself (I don't know how it is installed in your year of Fiesta, from the front with clips that can be released, or on a panel that can be removed to get to the socket from behind) you can check if the connector from vehicle wiring to socket is properly engaged. Anything else I'd take to a shop.
  3. tomtom70

    Newbie asking for advice re AUX input

    If the sound is still coming from your device the device does not recognize the connector, which is either an issue with your device or the lead. Do headphones work when connected to that device (which would point to a lead issue. If everything (incl. this lead) work connected to something else, something is wrong with the wiring between socket and radio (a short somewhere I'd say).
  4. tomtom70

    Help/advice needed

    You should have an AUX socket in your glovebox to connect from the headphone output on your phone (3.5mm plug on both ends of the lead). Google "2009 focus aux input location" for pictures if you can't find yours.
  5. tomtom70

    Sat nav help

    Did you try re-inserting the SD card?
  6. tomtom70

    Fiesta titanium radio functions not working

    It's broken, disconnected, or in need of a reset. Does the radio still show any of the Bluetooth options?
  7. tomtom70

    ford radio sat nav 2009 pinouts

    The pin out is generic, there is no sub-out on the Ford Blaupunkt (Travelpilot EX/FX/NX?)
  8. tomtom70

    Ford Focus Cmax 5000c radio specifications

    I'm not aware of any car stereo with dedicated tweeter connections (s. bi-amping). Speaker sets (woofer/tweeter) come with a cross-over, which connects to one connection (+/-) on the radio. Alternatively, both speakers are connected in parallel, with their electrical and acoustical characteristics providing the cross-over functionality (albeit with less control / tuning possibilities). If I remember correctly, the 5000/6000s were rated at 15 or 20W per channel, and the Sony at 25W.
  9. tomtom70

    Sync 3 v3.0 and Waze on iOS

    If you're talking Apple Carplay, the updates needs to be from Apple (to the Iphone).
  10. tomtom70

    Sync 3 apps android

    The applink app choice is limited, I don't see anything like this: Have and I'm not aware of anything like this working with Android Auto either (other than Google itself). (BTW: Your profile vehicle info seems in need of an update if you have Sync 3 with an 8" screen).
  11. tomtom70

    HELP!. Phone & Voice control

    That sounds like either the bluetooth unit or the audio connection to the radio is broken. On the AUX - you did select the AUX input (just checking as you did not mention it)?
  12. tomtom70

    Sat Nav not Resetting?

    That sounds like a broken GPS Antenna. Calibration is done only to learn new wheel diameters.
  13. tomtom70

    Aux line input missing

    The AUX input was deleted some time back. Did your order spec show your car would have one?
  14. tomtom70

    Changing focus radio

    Isn't the Facelift 6000 with red illumination and oval front (behind the larger center stack bezel), and the 6 CD from pre-facelift with green illumination and rectangular front (does not fit behind facelift centerstack bezel)? The 2007 facelift(s) is a bit confusing as it was basically done in two steps.
  15. Why would there be a micro if it cannot connect to anything?