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  1. Aux line input missing

    The AUX input was deleted some time back. Did your order spec show your car would have one?
  2. Changing focus radio

    Isn't the Facelift 6000 with red illumination and oval front (behind the larger center stack bezel), and the 6 CD from pre-facelift with green illumination and rectangular front (does not fit behind facelift centerstack bezel)? The 2007 facelift(s) is a bit confusing as it was basically done in two steps.
  3. Why would there be a micro if it cannot connect to anything?
  4. Audio malfunction

    Did you select another speaker/system for playback (happened to me once, cranked up the volume in the car until I realized Spotify was playing on the Echo in my kitchen)?
  5. You need both the Sony stereo (or the satnav), and the higher-spec bluetooth unit.
  6. How do I add bluetooth to Mk7 2009 Fiesta?

    That unicorn would be the only Ford radio of that type with integrated bluetooth, it is an extra unit (that needs more stuff to work properly). With a quick ebay search this one seems to be the only complete one: Ebay item 112584813565. Note the " - AND BLUETOOTH UNIT ( WORTH ON EBAY £50.00 ) PART NO.: AM5T-14D212-ED SN:CQ5G2488FORD BLUETOOTH UNIT FoMoCo "
  7. Ford fiesta mk7 09 headunit upgrade

    What's ECT, and what headunit with Bluetooth? The OEM (Ford) ones all have Bluetooth in an extra unit (ECU).
  8. Sound from one speaker only - Aftermarket HU

    The last bit sounds more like a software than a hardware issue, so that's the first thing to test once you get a replacement unit. If it is software (and this obvious), this should be known to the manufacturer (and UK importer), and they should be working on a fix (as software update). If it doesn't work I'd get my money back, and look somewhere else.
  9. Sound from one speaker only - Aftermarket HU

    Replace it while it is still under warranty, the fault is obviously inside the headunit. If you want to repair it yourself, you can try resoldering everything around the amps, and along the audio (analogue) path from the bluetooth chip to the amp. Without schematics it is hard to be more specific. When you are saying Android apps are you still streaming via Bluetooth, or connecting to the 3.5mm jack (assuming there is one)? Can you also connect to the USB on the bezel, how does audio work then?
  10. LS RNS headunit DAB and sat nav problems

    1st issue sounds like the GPS antenna is faulty (they can fall victim to rust), that's an easy fix for the dealer, or you can get an aftermarket antenna and put it on the dashboard (no more issues with humidity), with the correct (FAKRA) connector obviously. 2nd- unlikely, as Ford never offered a DAB option with the LS:
  11. Bluetooth problems on Mk4 Sony DAB

    This sounds like the PTA (phone mute) on the radio conncetor is pulled to GND, so the radio thinks an aftermarket phone kit is active. As this serves no real function when there is no kit using it, I'd cut back and tape that lead, or pull the terminal from the radio connector.
  12. poor sound quality from aux input on 6000cd

    Curious - my guess is some weired grounding issue. Do you charge your Ipod when listening in the car (and does disconnecting power make a difference)?
  13. Mondeo 2011 Android sterio

    The original radio uses antenna diversity, i.e., both antennas are for FM. If your aftermarket radio only uses one antenna, you could connect either, and check which gives you better reception.
  14. changing radio

    If it's about the same year, yes. But as Bluetooth is not in the radio, but a separate module, just swapping radios will not give you Bluetooth.
  15. S-Max Rear parking camera

    The NX came in different versions with and without the video input. If your car did not have the camera from factory, it is very likely your NX does not have the video input.