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  1. I don't like going into work in a good mood(its F off friday) and within one hour, being put into a bad one. Everyone is so miserable at work, it's like christ work is hard enough as it is without you all walking around with a face like a slapped backside.
  2. I used it on my 1.6 Ecoboost Focus and it was great, really transformed it, sound, power the lot really happy with it. Currently holding off on using it for my ST250 as I'm only gettting 21mpg as it is lol
  3. The day I got my car(last Friday) typical that the weather has turned now. This car DOES NOT like wet or snow/ice
  4. I do like getting my new car yesterday. A ST250!!!!!
  5. When you start taking vitamins that contain Omega 3/fish oil, and see your 24 year old cousin trying to doughnut his £35k Audi and thinking F*****g idiot
  6. I was just about to update this and you've commented with the problem. The O ring into the heater matrix has deteriorated, and it's flooded my footwell lol.
  7. I have taken the panels off the bottom and checked for leaks/split pipes, can't find anything, no wet patches anywhere, no leaks when engine is running either. Haven't looked at the expansion tank yet
  8. Evening all, Basically as the title suggests my engine has just started rapidly loosing water. It's a 61 plate 1.6 Ecoboost, jacked the car up(still in air) no leaks, oil is a normal colour/smell, coolant smells normal. Only occasional white smoke when it's cold outside and it's the first start of the day. Noticed yesterday when the coolant fans come on and the heating went cold, so checked the fluids this morning and the coolant was empty, topped up with anti-freeze and did 9 miles(picked kids and wife up) and it's drank all of it. Car has done between 59-60000 miles. My thoughts were air lock but can't see how it would be if it only happened yesterday/today. Only other thought is headgasket. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance, Matt
  9. If I could have any car? My dad's old mk3 2 tone 3L V6 Capri. Twin webbers, kent cams, straight through 3" exhausts. Or it would be my current 2 cars with no problems(concours spec) and done how I want them. Or a Mk 3.5 RS
  10. Small update as light ended play, FINALLY!!!! Got one of the wishbones off, what a pain in the backside. Used plenty of copper grease between the bolts so If I do have to take them off again, I won't use umpteen grinding discs and loose my temper. Now the only thing is how shiny the wishbone looks. So the rest of the underside will need to match now. But for the time being I'm just focusing on fitting the suspension(mainly because of the weather) also I've seen some rust under the rear arches(surprise, surprise)while I was grinding away, so I've used the wire brush on the drill to get it to bare metal and put on some Hammerite rust converter
  11. My thing I don't like is this. I've realised my biggest fear. And that is, being obsolete. I'm on holiday for a week 1. Because I haven't had a week off in over 2 years and 2, I have things to do, have I done anything I wanted to do? No, all I have thought about it going back to work. I could of done what I wanted to do today but I haven't, it's my fault. So I've been alone all day with my feelings, both of my kids are now in bed and my wife is sat on her tablet, which has got me thinking about robots etc and I feel the reason I've been missing work is due to my fear of being obsolete. I'm miserable as sin at the moment
  12. Dad was always playing with cars and trying to keep up with Mike Brewer and Ed China as well, so used to sit and watch him, went to college to do my IMI Light vehicle, while doing stuff on my own cars. Now I work as a farmer and just do some stuff on my cars but always take it to the garage to service them as I like seeing a stamp in the book + keep all the receipts.
  13. Update time, been a long time since I put a update, but after constant mithering from my friend(who has the capri blue ST170) I brought some coilovers, no idea what make they are as they are orange and silver. Anyway thought I'd have a bash at fitting these this afternoon, what a pain in the backside. I haven't even finished one corner but cold and light drew an end to play. I've actually attached a few random pictures to show the state of the underside. Still not managed to take back axle apart either. Motivation and weather is proving the main obstacles at the moment Here's the one painted caliper(offside rear) with the old damper + spring Here's the new spring and damper Here's the back axle, the right hand bolt/washer has welded itself into the beam and I've attempted to attack it with the angle grinder, the anti roll bar will be sanded back, rust treated and resprayed(as is the plan with the arches, sills etc. Got lots to do on it and it's going to be a very long drawn out process but I have a week off in a fortnight so hopefully get a lot of it done then. HOPEFULLY, especially as my friend is off for 2 of those days so he can come help. Thanks for reading, Matt
  14. I was expecting it to fail lol. But got it serviced at the same time and I didn't expect the bill it had lol. £50 an hour labour!!!! I could do it myself but I just like to keep a stamp + receipt/invoice. And I provide the parts anyway. But I've painted both of my back calipers(red to match the stickers) and I was in the process of doing the back axle rebuild but I'll give you 3 words. ANGLE GRINDER JOB! So going to look for a rear frame, buy that and do all the stuff in the shed/get it all nice and shiny, then take the old one off and bang the new one on. Tried to take wishbone off and it's got a large washer behind the nut/bolt and it's put a hole into the frame. I fear I'm opening a can of worms if I dig to deep, especially as my friend has a capri blue st170 that's 6 months older than mine(his is 52 plate) and his has got all rot/rust and holes around the arches and by the seat belt anchor points in the rear(he's sorted his out and put it through MOT, which failed on handbrake cable but he told them to fix it and it's passed). I have taken some pictures of some during and afters and will upload them soon.
  15. Another update. So put the ST through it's MOT, Passed...... FIrst time without fail. Only advisories being rust on subframes and front shock leaking. I've brought some waxoyl and the hope is to take the back arches out, strip and respray them and then waxoyl them. On the lookout for a rear frame at the moment, as I've got the rear axle rebuild kit but As I've just moved to a horsey farm, I don't want the car sat around on axle stands while I do the work, so going to buy a frame and do that in the back garden then just swap them over as and when. Unless I can persuade the mother in law to let me work on it at her farm in the machinery shed. Not going to be doing many updates at the moment as we've moved house(again) and have no internet and my phone has broken(again). If anybody has any advice on the waxoyl let me know please, its the one in the yellow can that is rust proofing. Thanks for reading, Matt
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