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  1. Looks ok, battery test result was "Replace", Euro car parts unfortunately isn't open so we've charged it and will ensure the car runs at least once a day until we can replace it under warranty.
  2. Hey all, More au fait with my Focus than my parents Fiesta. It tends to go flat, but i'm more inclined to believe this is down to the fact that it is no longer driven daily, sometimes as much as a week between journeys, and if journeys are done they are extremely short (<5 mins) with doors/tailgate potentially open for some time. Read the DTCs after the last episode, a bunch of U codes (not unexpected), and a sensor fault (steering position sensor), but nothing else. The car is charging at 13.4V when running which seems a bit low compared to the 14.2V of my Focus. I cannot unfortunately get to the alternator to unplug the multiplug to see if it changes voltage or anything when I do so - fat hands and fingers! I've also looked for any OBD/Forscan data to indicate charging voltage / desired charging voltage but there are none - making me think that this charging system is "dumb" as it were. Battery replaced within the past 2-3 years. Anyone know the charging voltage of a Fiesta of this age?
  3. And is it definitely oil, and not a water/grease/dirt mix? Now it's getting warmer, it might be the AC drain.
  4. Anything else not working? Check all fuses in the engine bay fuse box, likely hood is if anything else isn't working (interior light, door mirrors, etc) then there may be a different fuse blown. There was a wiring diagram floating around the forum a while ago, may be worth a look if you can see where the supply comes from for those fuses.
  5. You may need to get an ELM-327 and code the bluetooth module to the radio yourself. It's inexpensive and an invaluable tool. You would use ELMConfig? i think to program the bluetooth module.
  6. If you buy a set of belts from a Ford dealer, they may come with the tools required to put them on (plus instructions). The tools may only do one fitting though (are flimsy metal). You can also use screwdrivers to fit them too if you're careful. Bought mine off eBay from Trust Ford? and they came with both belts, and fitting tools.
  7. I'm not totally sure what the ESP menu item does. I disabled it in last years snow, provoked a slide, and the ESP was definitely still active (flashing light). Maybe it just increases the threshold, but it ruined the chance of me having any kind of play in the snow 😛 Do you notice what lights come on? Does it ever say "Engine Fault"? Wondering if there may be a loose can wire/connection somewhere (but they normally throw U codes).
  8. Tyres - used both Falken 914 and Nokian WR-A3's on my car (still have the Winters on... they're 7 years old so i'm wearing them down), and both make/model of tyres have proven themselves over the time i've had them. I think some of that comes down to the fact that the Focus is a very well balanced, and well engineered car. Have been looking both at the Conti AllSeasonContact (used at work previously), and the Nokian all season offering. Audio stalk controls - depends on the make of radio, my aftermarket Android radio came with a CAN /steering wheel controls box.
  9. Merc sprinter work vans are the same. They've got loads of pedal travel on the brakes (but they do work quite nicely). Come end of work, get back in the Focus, and *BAM* "Hi windscreen" with the first couple of brake applications 😛
  10. Or it could be a faulty radio. You could try re-seating everything, if it still acts up then put your original radio back in and see how it goes. On my Android head unit you can reprogram the buttons for short/long presses too, it's in the settings.
  11. You need to check with whichever dealer/garage you're having the Motorcraft service with. Some include the recovery in the price, some charge extra for it. My recovery certificate from the Motorcraft service was the same one as I got from a full Ford service.
  12. Really interesting video, tearing down a Model 3 and showing all the weaknesses in its design causing increased manufacturing costs/complexity. I wonder what would happen if Elon teamed up with a conventional car design team - took Tesla electronics/motors and had Ford/Toyota/etc design a body around it. Or if he started licensing said technology out to others.
  13. What display is that? Looks pretty nifty (would retrofit better into parents car than sticking a screen somewhere).
  14. Please ensure your bulbs confirm to the beam pattern, especially if using in a reflector housing vs projector housing. Nothing I hate more than being blinded by some berk with HID/LED aftermarket crap that isn't aligned properly 😄