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  1. Micro

    Dead electrics Help needed

    The Gem is in the passenger footwell - the "fuse box". Make sure to take note if there appears to be any modifications to the GEM. It seems strange that you are losing permanent power to things other than just the radio, as these are normally fed from permanent live bus bars in the GEM, hence why I asked if there were any strange buttons. There are such things as "battery savers/battery guards" which will isolate the power near to the battery if the vehicle appears to be draining the battery to a point it would not start - hence causing a loss of permanent live.
  2. Micro

    Dead electrics Help needed

    Does the central locking work when the car otherwise appears dead? How long have you owned the car, and who owned it before you? Any strange buttons around in the cabin?
  3. Micro

    Things I Do Like

    Second hand (eBay!), although I got a steal. There are units/have been units on eBay going for £100ish+, and if you price the individual components you're looking at £250ish brand new if not more. It's a rebranded Dahua NVR-4108P, and Dahua ipc-hfw1200sp cameras, made in 2015, but happily updated to Dahua 2017 firmware. The remote viewing doesn't work via the P2P app as the serial number isnt strictly a Dahua one, but I will be setting up a home server/VPN soon to do just that.
  4. Micro

    Things I Don't Like

    Work vans are the same, we find all sorts behind and under the seats... £5 in change the one day!
  5. Micro

    Focus Mk3 uneven revs/jerking issue

    Just for you @iantt, here's mine. I really need to get around to getting the photos off my old phone, and writing up the job. On topic: If/when you took it back to the original mechanic that fit it, did they remove the valve cover/timing cover to check timing?
  6. Micro

    Broke down - Alternator / Battery

    Does the cable from the alternator still get hot under normal operation? Automotive electronics are generally well engineered now against power supply issues - you'll probably find the majority of systems will withstand voltage spikes of 20-30V+, and manage voltage drop outs/low voltage gracefully - the most you might have to do is disconnect the battery for up to 30 mins to reset some learned values. If you have no issues now, I wouldn't expect any more in future.
  7. Micro

    Focus mk2 central locking

    The immobiliser is a separate "passive" chip inside the key, it gets it's power from the transponder ring around the ignition barrel. It has nothing to do with the internal central locking electronics. Edit: Re-reading your question, the internal module would probably fail to work entirely than just fail to unlock - if you turn the key in the drivers door lock, do all the doors unlock as they should? Keys are abused, afaik you can get a new RCL circuit board and just swap that into your own key, and re-program it to the car if the button is faulty.
  8. Mums got a 2011 Titanium, has got a cover (took me ages to figure out how to get it off!). My Focus has inserts for a cover, but has never had one afaik.
  9. Micro

    Things I Do Like

    After a spate of local burglaries I decided to get some CCTV sorted. This decision was months ago. Finally got all but one of the cameras in situ. For what I paid for the system (£40 for NVR + 3 cameras, and 1 extra IP camera for £14), and about £25-30 in fittings, fixings and tools, I like that it's been a fairly productive project! (Just need to mount the NVR on it's own shelf and tidy up inside!) Have to say, for the price (£1.50-£2 each), the Schneider junction boxes from screwfix are the dogs danglies!
  10. Micro

    Ford Mondeo Start Stop issue

    There is a way to reset the start stop system, once you have fully charged the battery again. This was in the Focus forum (Phil21185) but you can try on yours too:
  11. For a short to cause smoking/a fire, then a short has happened in an unfused wire, or high amperage fuse (i.e. a supply coming to the pjb/ignition switch/etc). Where is the damage? If you pull back the carpet is the damage near where the harness comes through the firewall? (Geddit? :D) I wonder if the small problem was just a symptom of the larger one...
  12. Micro

    Things I Don't Like

    Followed two cars recently doing similar 1) Car is doing 40mph through 50/60mph roads for about 10 miles. Speeding up/slowing down, and swerving over our side of the road. The moment we get to an NSL stretch appropriate for overtaking the car boots it and is never seen again (even with my "progressive" driving style ) 2) Followed a little Yaris thing, was doing 35-45mph through all manner of speed limits, but as you say, braking every time a car comes the opposite way, for every bend (even though no need to slow down), and every pot hole.
  13. You have the right to cancel your sale up to 14 days following receipt of goods, returning for a FULL (including initial postage) refund of what you paid, but you have to pay to send it back unless it is not as described or seller fault in which case eBay would give you a postage label and get the cost of postage off the seller. Interestingly, afaik, this also applies to any "Auction" style sale from a business seller on eBay, as it is not a "Public Auction" these regs still apply. See "Cancelling Goods and Services" - https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-contracts-regulations
  14. Similar to the ones I bought. The protective "Zinc" sacrificial coating hasn't however lasted and they do look quite a dull grey colour now, but at least I can get the buggers off!
  15. Micro

    Should I send it back

    Ultimately you get what you pay for. It may just be a crap rebranding job, and the underlying Turbo is actually a brand name part. Or it may be chinesium through and through (not that some parts aren't anyway).