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  1. Did you buy your car in England or Ireland? In England (and other territories) you have up to 6 years to lay a claim about the quality, fitness for purpose, or a problem with description. For the first 6 months, the onus is on the dealer to prove that a fault was not there at the time of purchase. Get back in touch with the dealer, preferably written (email, letters) - within the first 30 days you have the right to reject also. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act#how-long-do-you-have-to-return-a-faulty-product
  2. Once had one upside down in my pocket at work, and the lid managed to work loose. A lady mentioned it to me as she thought i'd "had an accident", at least it dried pretty quickly! It may be the bitrex content making your eyes water - it's horrible (as someone who bites their nails... yes I know!) in some horrific concentrations in some sanitizer. Also found some sanitizers, once warmed and cooled and aging, start to smell like a certain plant substance that happens to be illegal. Hilarious conversation with some officers at work as to why it suddenly smelt like cannabis....
  3. The amount currently in my car 😂 just glad it doesn't absorb through the skin though...
  4. Consumer Rights Act 2015 - Up to 6 months following purchase it is up to the dealer to prove that any fault occurring did not exist at the time of purchase. This trumps any warranty. IMO - if i'd bought a car and the battery went in the first 6 months, the dealer would be replacing at entirely their cost (as well as fixing the parking sensors/blis).
  5. If the timing belt hasn't been done, you'll need it doing. Aside from that it's difficult to say as cars travel different roads. 250 miles a week on main A roads and motorways is going to put a different stress on the car than 250 miles on country roads and lanes and again different in entirely urban environments. I changed my Focus for an Octavia, but only because of the journey distances I was doing made it the wrong choice - if I had been doing less miles I probably would have kept it.
  6. Honestly, the ability to use a toilet is a human right isn't it? I've never been turned down the use of facilities whilst at work on any premises (albeit, some the staff members have escorted me there and back). Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... i've broken a piece off my tooth. Dentists are only doing emergencies - and as I have no pain - I am not an emergency. Filling kit and a dental appointment when they reopen!
  7. TalkTalk do a weird billing thing where they have a fixed day to bill. So you may get a random first bill of a few quid, then a proper bill. If your last bill then has a price increase half way though, that explains the higher price. Can highly recommend Plusnet (BT in a different guise). I will be going back to them as soon as the TalkTalk wart has run out (sorry, contract).
  8. This is TalkTalk superfast (80Mbit) over WiFi 5Ghz (through a wall, distance about 10m). Max i've ever got is 80Mbit on the money (so approx 9.8MB/s down). Don't get me wrong, I love the speed of it, it's great. I just hate being swindled by big companies... Your old WiFi card is probably letting you down - not to mention if you have a lot of other WiFi networks around you.
  9. If it's clicking, might still be the starter or battery? Have you checked the battery level and also had someone listen under the bonnet when you try?
  10. Even main CS cannot access DSR's, only dealers. Stupid, I know, right? I asked for a full copy so I could pass it onto the person who was buying my Focus, to prove (amongst the invoices) work done.
  11. You've got whats advertised - a 12 pack... 😄
  12. Just had to deal with Microsoft for a faulty xbox controller. They sent out a "no return" replacement (so I am to dispose of the faulty one, and get a replacement device), however the one they've sent out has more problems than the first... So to return this one, they've asked me to ship it back. One slight problem - I don't have a printer to print the shipping label... Any other time i'd nip to my relatives and borrow theirs as I don't ever really need one myself! Will have to see what they come back with! Not sure UPS do printable labels in their drop off points (like Royal Mail, they've got the right idea!).
  13. Yes new customers only. They offered me (existing customer) to pay £4 more for the same service. Now with the current climate, they have no customer service on, meaning that I'm stuck paying a higher bill (that I had cancelled the upgrade of), with no way to downgrade until their CS guys come back. I want to say to avoid TalkTalk - however, the service itself isn't an issue - i'm getting upwards of 65Mbps and peaking at 80Mbps with the only downtime being 10 mins here and there in the early hours of the morning. Billing and customer service however requires you to be persistent - my last complaint was 1 day away from going to the Ombudsman, and once their CS staff are back this time, if they can't sort it, i'll start the complaints process again.
  14. Funny, thought they'd have just gone for domestos assault?