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  1. Micro

    key fob

    Refitting the connectors in the gem may fix it permanently, a slightly loose connection possibly?
  2. Always had trouble with my Focus and glare/glinting during bright days or at night with headlights. My Focus's screen was replaced by a Pilkington one before purchase as the heated screen had failed on one side so don't know if that one had the same trouble. It was then replaced again as a chip cracked, and had the same results (unsure of the make of the second replacement, fitted by National).
  3. Have Sygic on my phone, and previously on my head unit in my Focus. Bluetooth phone call option for the directions is a life saver for those radios that won't interrupt the radio as you said.
  4. No idea - but given that it's not a UK model I imagine the only way they'd honour the warranty would be if you went through the warranty process in the country it's meant to be for.
  5. Have you got some pictures?
  6. This may be one of the websites like Autodoc that ship from the EU rather than the UK. Have you tried EuroCarParts and their sister website Carparts4less.co.uk? Carparts4less tend to be cheaper (after all discount codes on their site) but you can't take stuff back to the shop if it's wrong, you have to post back.
  7. Samsung will weedle their way out of any warranty claim regardless, if you have an international version expect difficulty with them. If you buy an international version from a UK seller (or EU seller) you have the Consumer rights afforded to you by the EU/UK so can kind of ignore your warranty with Samsung.
  8. I imagine a majority of the motability cars are the bigger SUV's just to give the higher seat to get into, and bigger space for wheelchairs and other aids. My sister will be after a new one soon, maybe will get a 69 plate!
  9. They're really good if it doesn't cancel (it normally does if you've cancelled, at the end of the period), or just to refund you if you forgot to cancel it.
  10. If the description is wrong then go through eBays complaint process, escalate through Paypal if eBay don't give you the outcome you want. I am fed up to the back teeth with chinese sellers not knowing what they're selling and using that as an excuse for misleading descriptions. I tried a compatibility search and this came back as compatible. Check the packaging it came in, you'll probably find that it came from a UK warehouse, or UK shipper. They'll barter with you to try and avoid the cost of sending back as if it's not as described the seller has to foot the bill. Notes Make Model Year Variant Type BodyStyle Engine Ford Fiesta 2010 MK VI [2008-2016] Hatchback -- Hatchback 1598ccm 101HP 74KW (Petrol/Ethanol) The software will be universal, but the radio, CANBUS adapter (the red seethru thing) and plugs will be different depending on the car. The preinstalled settings on the radio will also be different depending upon the model.
  11. Aftermarket LED's and HIDS in incorrect housings are the bane of my life driving at night. That, and people that drive around with fogs on all the time. At least if a slightly incorrectly aligned halogen bulb is staring you in the face it's not that much of a big deal. An incorrectly aligned led bulb is blinding. Colour temperature also plays a part here - white (blueish) tinted light causes more glare than the yellowish light emitted by a standard bulb, at lower power. Personally I wouldn't retrofit anything of this nature to my car, and must stress that if anyone else fits it to theirs, to consider the other drivers on the road.
  12. Isn't it the same thing as a Shisha lounge?
  13. Weak battery, the clicking is the tell tale (as far as I'm aware, this is the solenoid on the starter kicking in, the starter getting power but unable to turn as the voltage then drops too low causing the solenoid to unlatch and then the voltage will climb again). I'd be trying a new battery first!
  14. My V5C received in August 2019 has the previous keeper details (I also got given all the history and historical invoices with their details on). Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  15. Except ford customer services state that this is not something they can send to you online ... Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk