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  1. Mine has no leds! The only way I know it's on is that the cooker switch neon is on, and that it's hot! One at work has 4 leds but it's a glass topped one designed to fit flush to the worktop.
  2. What about some metal legs, or a purpose built shelving unit supported on the floor? 🙂
  3. The caramel ones are lovely, the salt and vinegar ones take a bit of getting used to. Just make sure you've got a drink to hand!
  4. The nipple bit has probably worn, is the o-ring still there, intact and soft/pliable? Standard tap screw connectors fit (replaced my parents one) the old reels, unsure about the new ones.
  5. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/tesla-model-s-shooting-brake-worlds-quickest-estate-now-completed This one?
  6. Apply a little downward pressure on the bonnet whilst trying to turn and it'll turn easier.
  7. Had mine inspected for the same issue (Mk2.5, rubbed both sides, paint-free patches are approx 10mm in diameter after removing loose paint). Ford refused outright to cover any repair, the corrosion/perforation warranty only covers corrosion/perforation from "inside" the panel. Not the touch condition described. I'm not one to back down, but the totally blunt and emotionless responses I received from Ford UK left me feeling a bit let down. They wouldn't even provide the stickers FOC. Ford sell the vinyl stickers to prevent it / any further damage. I chose to just treat the rust and paint with a colour match paint every so often as the damage has been done.
  8. Careful with eBay ones, they sometimes don't work well. £5 from the official supplier https://www.radarkey.org/order
  9. Consumer Rights Act 2015 (as someone mentioned above), within 6 months the onus is on the trader to prove fault was not present at purchase. You can also reject within 30 days (with appropriate deduction for use). The "60 days/90 days/6 months warranty" offered with cars is a bit of a misnomer as it's in addition to your rights.
  10. Micro

    MK3 Part ID

    You can also try http://www.catcar.info which shows the full Ford parts catalog 😄
  11. A cheap source of twisted-pair wiring would be a long ethernet cable (round style for ease of disassembly). Believe Cat-5e is 0.5mm2 Best of luck to you!
  12. Micro

    Oil problem

    How much distance did you cover over 6 months? My old Corsa had an oil consumption amount of 1L/1000km which was the amount listed in the manual - it's not listed in the Focus manual, but if it's giving you no other troubles i'd just check and topup the oil a bit more frequently!
  13. I haven't had a nozzle get stuck, but have had the mechanism "stick" in the open position, normally inserting the nozzle again and giving a gentle wiggle gets it moving.
  14. My initial rattle was narrowed down to a loose RADAR key under the passenger seat carpet. It had bugged me for years. Now have a new clunking that unfortunately doesn't seem to be 1) inside the car and 2) anything that I can find loose!
  15. Briefly looking at the wiring diagram there, it's just an open canbus connection similar to the diagnostic plug.