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  1. With the mindset that after 6 years, I have no possible, (no matter how weak), come back at all on anyone if the belt or tensioner fails. Fat fingers meant I typed 3 and not 5 The actual ford timing belt procedure for the 1.4/1.6 on Etis (workshop manuals online, and local copy) also neglects to replace the tensioner and does not even include the torque values for it. Mine was appeared fine with no excessive play when I took it off.
  2. A few Xtrons questions

    That's one of the new quad core models, Xda-developers have a load of information on them on their website. The price has come down a little, I paid £227 for mine about 2-3 years ago. I updated mine with custom firmware but it is still a little slow on occasion (especially whilst using the wifi network), when trying to do multiple things. Mine is one of the older ones but the external case looks the same - the DAB is an external dongle that may or may not be included (check the description carefully) - i'm not sure if it'll plug and play with the Focus antenna but probably will knowing the rest of the wiring is plug and play to the quad-lock connector. The reverse signal is interpreted from the canbus network and there is an option to either get ignition status from the canbus or the ignition terminal in your quadlock (if it's there).
  3. Wash/wiper confusion

    When you push the end of the stick do the front wipers run? I wonder if someones connected the pipes to the washer pump backwards.
  4. 6 seater RS?

    I'm having images of Mr Bean with the broom/bricks to the pedals and string to steer
  5. A few Xtrons questions

    My GPS antenna is on top of the metal support under the dash, professionally secured with duct tape... Which model are you looking at?
  6. If all the components are fitted (OEM quality) at the same time, I would argue that it should last the timing belt interval unless the garage are going to impose a lesser interval... Say, tensioner failure (seized) causing the belt to rub through and break. Granted, proving that was an inherent fault might be difficult, but certainly something that can be argued. I'm going to replace my timing belt again in 3 years if the car is still worth keeping hence not selling my timing tools! Check they replace the tensioner too, all the Ford dealers I contacted stated that it was not replaced.
  7. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act I'm not 100% on liability and the legislation that supports that for further damages caused by faulty parts, but if it is a consequence of a part failing prematurely I can't see a court saying no to the repair costs, but the Consumer Rights Act definitely gives you protection up to 6 years (for those things that will last 6 years or more). It's a good read and good information for you to know regardless of what you're buying.
  8. Is it possible to open the switch and replace the bulb with something similar?
  9. Trip computer

    Turned it off and on again? My Focus does this occasionally where it will not sense the extra fuel in the tank until the ignition is cycled a couple of times,.
  10. Manufacturers warranty and your consumer rights are two different things. You have protection above and beyond the warranty provided by the part manufacturer. Mostly anything you buy as a consumer whether that is goods or services you are covered for a number of years more than any warranty offered - say for instance your timing belt failed after 5 years (and a Garage installed it), you would go back to them and they would most likely be liable for part, labour and repair costs (Consumer Rights Act 2015, and others). I would personally expect any replacement belt/tensioner setup to last the belt change interval set by the vehicle manufacturer. If your friend "Fred" installed it, correctly, and it was a fault with the part then you would go back to the retailer that you purchased the part from for redress - you have up to 6 years (Consumer Rights Act 2015).
  11. Misfire/juddering

    What brand coil did you use? Have you checked your spark plug wells for water ingress? Plugs replaced in the recent past? Have you checked the condition of them all? HT leads intact and in good condition - no degrading rubber?
  12. There is an upgraded belt used on some of the Ford diesel engines and the composition of it has changed, meaning that they will last different times.
  13. If you buy a service from a garage, and they provide the parts, then they are entirely responsible for the labour and parts cost (and consequential damage caused by a faulty part with an inherent manufacturing defect). If you do the repair yourself, then I imagine it's a little more hazy, but you should be able to claim labour costs back at least, if not damage costs too. ECP advised me they will pay £35 per hour of labour caused by faulty parts sold by them (but only when invoiced from a genuine garage, not Fred in his Shed). For what it's worth, my Genuine Auxillary belts kit from eBay (Ford dealer) came in a Ford box, Ford labels and packing slips, one was branded Ford and the other branded Dayco. In my talks with Dayco, they also make OEM Ford belts too.
  14. Things I Don't Like

    You may still need to. It's still a claim, ask your new insurance company if you change. If you stay, they'll amend it fr you.