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  1. This raises an interesting point Dan, but a little off topic. I regularly drive the work vans around, and we've been informed that if we have an accident at work we have to declare this to our own insurers. From my past experience, even non fault notifications/claims increase the premium by some amount. (Worked out approx £50 more on the premium this year for one non fault claim dealt with the third party insurer, one non fault notification when some cockwomble drove into the back of me at a roundabout, and a windscreen claim). If I had an accident at work, not my fault, and my own personal insurance premium increased as a result - could I personally claim this from the other party/their insurer? I have to be honest, the whole insurance situation is a nightmare, but that's my personal view 😛 Cheers!
  2. Micro

    Telematics insurance withdrawn

    If the insurer won't say, i'd ask for all his personal information under the DPA/GDPR. I recall seeing a data release from an insurer many years ago on how they came to a quote figure. "Chav Car Mod" was on the list 😂 In all seriousness - i've been driving 9+ years, have done both C1 and an advanced driving course (might not be a perfect driver but i'd hope slightly better than the average!) and the Aviva driving app wouldn't give me any discount off 😛😂 I really struggle sometimes when companies make decisions based upon a few numbers without actually understanding the full picture (think company van is tracked always doing 30mph down a portion of the motorway and is missing targets - driver gets called up on this and grilled - turns out it's because of the roadworks on the M5...).
  3. Micro

    Ford recall - software update clutch slip 18S07

    So it's going to totally crap out when (poorly) driving on ice/snow? 😂 That's Ford for ya!
  4. Micro

    High revs

    I wonder if his code scanner will show live data. Checking the Short Term/Long Term fuel trims, and also the O2 sensor values would give a wealth of information.
  5. Just remember to remove the tape before the sealant goes off. Got distracted doing my bath and came back to a pig of a job to remove the tape neatly 😛
  6. Micro

    Advice Buying: Amazon Echo

    Just going off previous reading - i'm not saying the sockets themselves will definitely catch fire, but if they were to fail, any devices attached to them could remain on. Obviously that is not something you want if you're running anything that has a low safe duty cycle. 3 wires means you've probably got an incoming Live, Neutral, and a switch line (which the timeclock probably switches 240V to when turning on). The install guide with the Hive is pretty useful and explanatory and there is a circuit diagram on the back of the Hive Receiver which shows how it switches things.
  7. Micro

    Things I Don't Like

    3 replacement phones later (1st replacement after the bootlooping - eventually developed a fingerprint sensor fault, 2nd replacement developed a battery fault where it will get to 40% or below and then randomly turn off when power heavy apps are used (like recording a video with flash), and then the 3rd replacement came with the SAME FAULT as the 2nd. To be fair to Google, they're being very good about it all, even if they do love their copy and paste support emails. Why would I need to factory reset a fresh refurbished device they've just sent? 😛 They are going to look into a refund after the last replacement has the same issue, they haven't said how much, but would be happy with a partial refund as I have had use of the phone for the past 3 years (albeit problems for the past 12-18 months).
  8. Micro


    Voltage spikes are an inherent problem in a cars electrical system due to the starter motor, alternator, and other components (relays if not properly filtered!) - filament bulbs tend to draw the most current when cold, and increase in resistance as they warm up (hence why they normally go when first turned on!). No amount of software or wiring can prevent this. The other systems in the car will have appropriate filtering on their power supplies to ensure that clean power is provided to the delicate electronics and dissipate voltage spikes. The battery also plays a significant role in smoothing out voltage spikes and also voltage drops (hence why duff batteries can cause other intermittent gremlins!) I fitted a standard relay to my Corsa's electronics (without reverse diode/resistor) and every time it turned off it "stunned" the central locking for about 15 seconds - unlocking all the doors and refusing to then respond to the fob for that time. I chose (more wisely!) relays with an integral flyback diode for my Focus's front cig lighter socket and boot socket. 😁 Can get Lucas and other known brands from ECP for very few pounds. Currently got a £3 Lucas H7 in one of my headlights, and a borrowed Osram bulb that I intend on returning to it's original owner once I no longer have a use for it in the other...
  9. Micro

    Focus CD6000 Powers up but no sound

    Get a decent bluetooth speaker and just use that? 😛
  10. Micro

    Trim removal and ground point query...

    I have used one of the fuse box bracket bolts for a ground. Just be aware that it has to be removed to fit new pollen filters.
  11. Micro

    Ford recall - software update clutch slip 18S07

    Is it perhaps checking for whether the clutch is depressed, and then just restricting the revs to a maximum like some variations of previous Focus's, rather than restricting power with clutch fully engaged?
  12. Micro

    Advice Buying: Amazon Echo

    Don't let me scare you, but I would be cautious using "no-name" wireless sockets to control anything high load or with a potential to catch fire if it were to remain on when you ask it to go off. There are some youtube videos on failed wireless sockets where they stick in the on position (and those sockets that say they're rated to 13A but can't handle any more than 10A without getting lava hot. Are you going to get the Hive professionally installed or do it yourself? Installed mine in about an hour, but had to wire directly to the boilers stat connections as previously had a wireless stat. Yours may be easier as the Hive receiver may wire directly into the boiler using the cables that currently feed the time clock (or fit the backplate if there is one already on the wall).
  13. Micro

    Advice Buying: Amazon Echo

    You set it up per device. You have to specify which contacts can just "drop in", others can only call as normal (your mum would need to answer). Iirc it plays a tone then turns green whilst dropped in so obvious someone has done so. Wait for the next sale for buying Amazons devices though - £25 for an echo dot in black friday.
  14. Micro

    Things I Don't Like

    Check your total price for your order. I ordered a Hive bundle with free Amazon echo dot for £108. On the order screen, the Hive was £88 and Echo dot was £20 or something like that.
  15. Aaah that may explain it! Never knew there was a bonefide meet set up! I live in Worcestershire so not far, but i'm not really the kind of person to go to a car meet... not with a stock looking (basic!) Focus at least!