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  1. The lass on the desk at the dealer where I had the brake fluid changed, referred to my car as "mint" after going through the paperwork and health check and "well looked after". I might have had a little smile on my face - I do try! I was not as in depth as this with my previous car! (If you're on here, hi! 😁)
  2. Have you also considered moving the aerials if you can, and moving the router up higher? Have a wireless dongle attached to my NVR - the aerial in the upright position receives 5/5 bars, the aerial in the horizontal position receives 0/5.
  3. That's actually to prevent sparks igniting the hydrogen gas potentially discharged from the flat battery when it's charging. Modern car electronics will be (should be!) suitably protected with filters and whatnot on power supplies for things.
  4. At work I can walk from the one end of the building to the other and my laptop and phone switch seamlessly between the 4-5 access points that are dotted around with no noticeable loss in connectivity - they don't, afaik, have mesh networking devices, they're standard AP's.
  5. If you're diagnosing relays you're probably at breakdown service level, I don't carry any in particular. A lot of them are also built into the GEM and require dismantling and desoldering/resoldering to replace. The wiper relays are like this.
  6. I have no idea having not done it myself, the workshop manual for the Focus doesn't appear to mention how to do it either. I'd take the tweeter cover off, have a look at that end of the strip and see if you can see how it is attached - the new part may help also by allowing you to see clips / places for clips and/or bolts.
  7. My laptop is getting on for 2 1/2 years and battery life is noticeably shorter. I wouldn't expect over 2 years of use to be kind to this kind of battery and how they're constructed have a real effect on them (they have cells in series/parallel arrangement with little to no balancing between cells - if one cell dies it'll put more strain on the others and then kaput). Lithiums chemistry is finicity and some technology abuses it more than it should.
  8. I think that's because the American Ford Focus didn't follow the European version until later years (2011+?), that mirror adjuster is from the MK1. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/3734-remove-door-panel/
  9. Something like this? Found it via searching a site that provides Fords catalogue (out of date copy unfortunately) and searching the Finis number (1855298) on eBay.
  10. Have you checked engine mounts too? I had a random clunking noise, turns out the driver side engine mount had spewed its oil all over and was not doing a good damping job! £30 for a new Febi mount (from AutoDoc, they ship from Germany but can be a lot cheaper than UK sources IF you take the risk that you may have trouble returning/warranty claims!).
  11. I do like the fact i've done my brakes and got the brake fluid replaced. They feel really nice with a lovely build up of braking force... I didn't think the brakes had got so bad previously but there is a definitive difference. Today I learned to change brake fluid more regularly than 7 years!
  12. https://fullfact.org/online/momo-challenge-hoax/
  13. 😂 My commute from work is 15 miles each way along relatively urban roads, but regularly then travel 40-50 miles along motorways and rural roads where I want a nice comfy place to sit if the unexpected happens and I can't get going again... I was a scout - be prepared!
  14. If you're keeping the same rolling radius I don't see why it won't be suitable, but make sure you conform to the maximum speed and adjust driving appropriately as you'll have much less tyre contact on one corner of your vehicle upsetting it's overall grip.
  15. Was it definitely your car? I know some of the alarm sounders on older cars can go a bit screwy as the internal batteries die - but a 2013 car I wouldn't really expect to be doing that.