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  1. Micro

    Cam belt

    I'm intrigued, I know you can go up via elmconfig (+maybe forscan?). Is it just validation in that software that stops it going down?
  2. If you follow the wire colour i believe it heads up on the N/S in the boot behind the trim too, this is where mine is connected. Multimeter recommended to check!
  3. Have you tried another key if you ahve one? My Focus has a red flashing light that goes out if you provide a good key. The Fiesta may have similar - if I insert and turn my key (but shield the chip) it flashes rapidly (moreso than when no key is present). Any more functions in the car not working as they should when you turn the key? Think of things that would normally work when in "Run (pos 2)" - electric windows, radio, blower, lights, etc. My car has two Ignition fuses that supply power when the ignition is turned to 2 - you may need to check all the fuses for any blown.
  4. Definitely, not sure that just warming the car up would be enough to maintain the charge in the battery over a long period of time.
  5. Micro

    Tailgate won't open

    You will need to check that both power and ground are getting to the motor connector - this will give you an idea of where any break might be (or faulty motor). A cheap £5 multimeter off eBay is fine for 12V car electrics.
  6. My Focus routinely tells me i'm getting 33-35mpg when in fact i'm getting 36-38mpg if I work it out manually from fillups. Fuelio (app) echos this too.
  7. Micro

    mk2 ford focus lower arm supension

    When I did mine I made note that the Ford guide made very clear that the strut was not to be moved forward/back whilst disconnected from the wishbone. Are the strut bearings/mounts that sensitive to movement? I've seen a few videos online where people just wang them around 🤣
  8. Micro

    VPN Protection.....Do you use one.

    I don't use one - my reasoning is - the majority of sites use SSL, so the only log the ISP will have is the connection to the server, and the DNS lookups. Who gives a flying toss who knows what websites I go on? I do however use OpenVPN to connect to my NAS wherever I am (which can also then route internet traffic if I want, such as if I am on a public wifi, etc), but can then also use my internal services from anywhere (Plex!).
  9. eBay sometimes refund out of their own pocket, as do Paypal. I expect if they've got a strong relationship with a seller, and it's cheaper for them to pay themselves vs annoy the seller. There is a scheme called "Return shipping on us / Paypal Return Shipping" which is really useful to join - Free - but if you ever need to return anything you would normally need to pay postage you just submit a form with a receipt and as long as you initially paid with paypal, within certain timeframes, and it's less than £15 postage cost, it gets refunded to you. Really useful if you want to enforce your distance selling rights on eBay. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns
  10. Micro

    Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    You may have a dubious copy of the navigation software. There are many free options available on the Play store, or cheap options (Sygic) that will work with the android versions. Depending on what version of the radio you have, there is plenty of third party firmware you can try. Malaysk's firmware is the one I run, makes it more responsive and usable (xda-developers).
  11. Further to this - got some ceramic brake grease and some brake clean from ECP. Cleaned the inner portion of the hub, and removed the drums - drivers side required a couple of bolts and a hammer, the passenger side slid off easily. Unsure at the time how to fully remove the shoes from the backing plate, lots of guides state to remove springs, but not enough purchase with any pliers to do this. Drivers side had evidence of copper grease on the inner contact surfaces, although dried, passenger side appeared to just be bare metal with no grease at all (think the mouse was in this one!). Cleaned both drum and backing plate (and the outside of the wheel cylinder - shiny!), checked for leaks under the dust covers, applied some ceratec grease to the contact points on the backing plate (the raised bits with shiny metal!), and reassembled the shoe retaining clips. Drums went back on like a dream, and reassembled. Checked with the handbrake that both drums are still functional, and the annoying chirp/mouse is gone from my brakes! May be placebo, but the handbrake does feel more effective now too. All the guides I can find online for the drum brakes seem to be a different variant to mine. Edit: turns out Haynes actually mention removing the shoes, adjuster and springs as a complete assembly, unhooking the tops from the wheel cylinder, then the bottoms from the anchor, rather than removing springs on the vehicle. The Ford workshop manual I was using states to remove the springs first.
  12. Micro

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    Is there something wrong with the stalk or the headlight switch? The headlights must be under computer control for the guide home lights to work, so its not beyond the realms of possibility that if he's messed with elmconfig or a similar tool (is one available for the mondeo?) there might have been an option for DRL's using the dip beam (my Corsa had this, i.e. dips on regardless of headlight switch).
  13. Micro

    Reversing sensor volume level is low

    If it's an aftermarket unit you might have to go hunting. My speaker fell off where it was stuck and ended up wedged behind the boot trim.
  14. Micro

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    My Focus has "With Auto Headlamps". It doesn't have automatic lights.
  15. Well after months of trouble free driving, i'm now getting a little chirp (sporadically) when releasing the brakes or handbrake. Sounds like the drivers side rear. Still brakes well with no noise when actually braking. I'm going to take the drums off and have a look see if it just needs a clean and re-grease, what grease would people recommend for this? Will white lithium brake grease suffice?