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  1. spiked wheel nuts

    If they protrude from the surface of the wheel I imagine plod/mot etc will have something to say. Imagine coming in contact with someone, those spikes would do some damage!
  2. Wishbone rubbers replace or repair??

    Bought a ball joint splitter off eBay, never used it, just a big hammer!
  3. Curious, sudden jolt Problem

    I've noticed that my AC clutch is getting louder when engaging - does cycling the AC affect anything?
  4. Just search "4.3" tft" on ebay, you will find various screens £8-20ish. Some come wth cameras, some without.
  5. Dirty Rear End

    They serve a practical purpose and therefore I don't give a toss if they're trendy or not :P I'm also the kind of person that likes the look of a 4x4 with proper skid plates and underbody protection sitting higher off the ground vs a sporty low looking car
  6. Battery Recommendations

    Was a chap replacing his (12 months old) when I took my obliterated rear arb link back. To be fair to them, they just swapped it there and then with no fuss (and refunded me with no fuss too)!
  7. Everybody has their reason this is mine

    Is it the "lightness" feeling, and the feeling of not knowing what the road is like underneath? My Corsa EPS was similar, ridiculously light at all speeds, vs the Focus hydraulic where you really feel what the front wheels are doing grip wise.
  8. Scotchloks basically cut the insulation and make a connection to both wires via a metal "M" piece. If they're sized correctly, they don't normally damage the wire itself and make a reasonable low-current connection. As for viewing video on your phone - this is probably something you could bodge together but would no doubt cost more than just buying a small 4.3" screen off eBay (£10ish) and hiding it away somewhere.
  9. Things I Don't Like

    I tend to wear out the stitching on the left foot just behind the big toe joint - in every single pair of boots ive worn - and I have no idea how or why I manage it.
  10. What the hell is it here with some snow

    Noticed a few things driving around the past few days: People drive really slowly, as if the snow is going to suddenly veer them sideways into the kerb at anything over 10mph. People in RWD cars (Looking at you BMW, Merc and Audi) putting full beans into trying to get moving and only successfully doing doughnuts on the road People who are driving a steady pace, that then slow down for a hill and get stuck. Traffic lights don't mean anything when it's snowed heavily. Turning the Focus ESP off, doesn't actually appear to do anything... (you can still hear it actuating and the pump kicking in). and Focus + Winter rubber all round has got me 40 miles from work to home, through a mix of untreated (and unpassed), semi-treated and fully treated roads including past some very expensive 4x4's that apparently get stuck in snow... and I only got stuck once where I needed a slight push!
  11. Maf brand matter?

    Check Eurocarparts also, and use the discount codes they advertise. The £150 sensor is likely to be closer to £100 with the discount codes. Also remember to check Ford dealers on eBay and fordpartsuk.com
  12. 2010 Focus coil and leads

    Replaced my coil pack with a "Hella" brand one as ECP did not have the Bosch in stock (and could not tell me when it would be in). Has not missed a beat since installation, and looked identical except for a covering over the epoxy on the top.
  13. Irritating vibration

    The warranty is in addition to, and cannot relinquish your consumer rights. See here: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act#the-first-six-months
  14. Lots of things cause the "Malfunction" message to appear, including CANBUS faults (shorts/disconnects) as I inadvertently caused when playing with an Arduino and can transceivers. Do you notice anything else happen when these messages show up, i.e. mileage disappearing from the cluster, dials acting erratically, etc? Have you had any passengers that may have kicked the passenger junction box (mine isn't covered with carpet, only has a rubber thing underneath) - there are connectors both top and bottom make sure they're all seated correctly and locked down. Might be worth getting an ELM327 and Forscan, and getting live data and watching various data to see if it's all acting correctly (think accelerator pedal input, engine MAP, engine temp etc).
  15. Tyre Spot destroyed locking wheel nut

    Tyre place got my nut off in 15 mins for £12. Also bought a replacement from McGard for £13 with possibility of it being free if you return your old one and it's a manufacturing defect.