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  1. mk2 focus wishbone change

    I impact gunned mine off (as stef would say, it ugga dugga dugga dugga'd for a good 20 seconds before coming loose), but as stated there isn't stuff in front of it on my 1.6.
  2. My ongoing Focus saga...

    5-10 days is the standard gumf for taking 2-3 days handling then 2-3 days second class. China postage is closer to 14 days (but have had stuff come in 4, and 59 days!)
  3. Pause dash cam playback..What can you read.

    VLC as above is the best one i've found for playing them back (also free).
  4. mk2 focus wishbone change

    Clean the threads and soak in penetrating oil before undoing the ball joint nut! We had a royal pain with one side of mine, which was much more corroded than the other, and it took a good half hour with a hammer and spanner to get it off. Allegedly the circlips around the ball joint allude to the size, yellow for 18mm and blue for 21mm, but I cannot actually recall which manufacturer I read this from.
  5. My ongoing Focus saga...

    If they specify a UK postage address on the auction they must post from the UK.
  6. Home CCTV advice

    Hope you have better luck with it than my experience.
  7. Home CCTV advice

    If it doesn't automatically format it, there should be a setup menu for "Storage", from where you can format it, and setup the recording schedule, motion detect, etc.
  8. Fuel light on with 1/4 tank of petrol?

    Yes you're right, it does come on at 50 miles doesn't it. In which case, you may find disconnecting the battery for a short time may reset the values. Ensure you do actually have enough fuel in the tank, and your radio code.
  9. Fuel light on with 1/4 tank of petrol?

    Don't know if the Focus is smart re: uses calculated values to determine when to turn the fuel light on, or just level of fuel. I guess if the mpg figure is so totally wrong it thinks you can only do a tiny distance on a quarter tank then mayeb it would show this issue...
  10. Home CCTV advice

    The device will format it for you when you power up after installing. I had terrible experience with the chinese cctv systems from ebay, i returned two of them I purchased as the quality of the recordings was awful.
  11. Pause dash cam playback..What can you read.

    http://www.videolan.org/ Using the standard interface, if you pause the video then press "E" you will skip forward 1 frame at a time.
  12. Pause dash cam playback..What can you read.

    How are you moving in frames? It shouldn't move in too big a steps.
  13. Home CCTV advice

    Depends on the system, which one have you got?
  14. Pause dash cam playback..What can you read.

    The heated windscreen elements do not help at all. You may find better results by using a player that can step frame by frame. Some video players may play silly buggers and make the video play more smoothly, by merging frames together and other funky stuff. VLC can do this.
  15. As long as you don't get any paint down/over the air gap in the sensor you should be fine with a thin layer of paint.