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  1. Repairing Front Bumper

    They are partly removed and damaged due to hitting the kerb. My main problem is locating the replacement part (parts) and they are not on ebay. I have a replacement bumper but not managed to find these parts. Maybe I should visit a breakers. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Repairing Front Bumper

    Certainly not part of the grill. The parts are underneath the radiator region and closest to the road but can only be seen from underneath. They are fixed by a mixture of socket-head bolts and self-tap screws.
  3. Repairing Front Bumper

    Thanks for the links but the parts I need are not shown. My problem is with the plastic parts underneath the radiator but not the large undertray/sump cover. The parts are attached (except where damaged) to the lower (black section) of the bumper.
  4. Repairing Front Bumper

    Car is very late 2003 (2004 spec). Thanks for reply.
  5. I have damaged the the lower part of front bumper by hitting a raised kerb. The visible damage is not much but the underside looks a mess. Are there any pictures available showing the various parts of the complete bumper assembly?
  6. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Just tried it again and it doesn't work. :(
  7. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Just accidentally found the complete version of this Self Test function on eBay. Will give another shot tomorrow.
  8. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Just tried it on my 1.8 TDCi 53 reg and all it showed was GAUGE and total milage.